Experience An Airbnb Concert With Canada’s Hottest Talent

Remember the good old days before Covid19 was here when going to a concert was a simple activity one could do with no questions asked? Don’t we all long for those exhilarating experiences again?

Having been in lockdown for so long, we all miss that electric feeling of a crowded arena filled with great music and enthusiastic fans. Huge concerts might not be allowed now, but you would be pleased to know that Airbnb offers an experience that could relive those great moments. You can experience a mini-concert with Airbnb in Canada with some of the best and hottest artists. 

Airbnb experiences are not just any ordinary gathering, but you get an intimate live concert in the comfort and privacy of an Airbnb venue. It’s that type of vibe, and whoever is hosting it has the power to determine where and when the party is. They also get to work on the setup, décor and furniture to create the perfect atmosphere for the mini-concert. Now you may just be visiting Canada, but the idea of such an event is thrilling to you; you are the perfect candidate for this post, read on.

How to get a venue

If you want to host an Airbnb concert, start by asking the hospitality team where you’re staying if they’ll allow you to have one there. If not, Airbnb can suggest venues for you on their site. Perhaps you want to pull out all the stops for the perfect event with some unique furniture pieces to make the room more inviting or speakers to make sure everyone can hear the music clearly, with social distancing and all, you will find great deals from Aosom.ca. Get some nibbles and drinks at your nearest supermarket or order for fast delivery from the No Frills flyer, and you are good to go. 

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Experience An Airbnb Concert With Canada’s Hottest Talent 3

Onto the music. 

With so much talent in Canada, there are plenty of options to choose from, and you could be lucky enough to experience a close-up with one of your favourite bands or singers with these Airbnb concerts. You can use bookingentertainment.com to make all your bookings.  

Let’s look at what Canada’s talent has to offer

Elvis Enzo & Legends

With years of experience as a composer, singer, guitarist, and front man, this man is a well-respected, seasoned musician, performer, and impersonator. He is known to liven up parties, weddings, anniversaries, you name it! He does great impressions of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Van Morrison, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen. He will surely get everyone dancing and laughing – something any event host looks for in order to classify the event as successful.

Adam Coe

If you want a guy who can read his audience, Adam Coe is the man. Having entertained on cruise ships for 11 years, he has experience covering a vast range of artists from the 80s, 90s, those who do country music, classic rock,and today’s vibes. Adam presents a pub-style show with his acoustic guitar and melodious vocals. 

Jeremy Wong

If you are a jazz fan, Jeremy and his quartet will wow you to bits. They are well renowned for bringing a unique and fresh sound to any of their listeners. The band plays a wide spectrum of music, including swing,bossa nova, hard bop, and other Latin forms, as well as RnB and pop. Cruise ship lounges, weddings, business events, and weddings are all areas where they’ve worked.


These mini-concerts could be the next big thing in these times where many people cannot gather all at the same time. If you are in Canada, just make your selection of any of the different talents, round up some friends or other guests staying at the same place as you, and experience a private Airbnb concert. Have fun!