Driving Games And Experiences: Christmas Present Ideas For Boyfriends And Husbands

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for your boyfriend or husband that loves cars and want to get him something a bit different, we have some suggestions for you. From video games to scratch that urge to go fast, to track days where they can actually be experienced, it won’t be a present that will disappoint.


If you’re looking for a realistic racing game that your significant other can play rather than driving their own car a little too fast, then WRC 8 is a great choice. This game was made in 2018 by the same development studio that made World Rally Championship and is a very polished game. Similar to other realistic racers like Formula One 2019, the core of this game is the campaign mode, which plays out like a season that a professional race car driver would take. The controls are more forgiving than some games, but are still intricate and come with a good learning curve that means once you get to grips with the controls, you feel like you’re getting progressively better.


On the other side of the spectrum is WreckFest, a game out for PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PC that mirrors a destruction derby. This is a combat racer that has you taking part in either an arena where you try to destroy each other’s car, or in a more traditional race but with far more damage. The game has very detailed damage where everything, from soft scrapes to all-out wrecks, will be modeled very accurately and similar to what you would see in real life like this – https://goldfarbinc.com/products/8973037511-duramax-lly-ficm-core making this a very satisfying game to play.

Driving Experiences in the UK

After video games, the next stage in presents is a track day. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity where you can drive a top-spec car on a track.


This experience day is designed by Jonathan Palmer, an ex-Formula One driver. Throughout the day, you’ll drive multiple different cars, all getting faster. You’ll start with an Ariel Atom and move to a tricked-out Renault Clio that’s used in races. You’ll then make your way through BMWs, Jaguars, and then a Formula 30000. You can also take a Land Rover off-road on a specially made course to push you to your limits.

Goodwood Motors – Custom Driving Experiences

The Goodwood Revival is a huge event that happens each year, and if you have someone who loves cars in your life, you may have even been there. If they have ever said that they would love to drive on this race course, then you’re in luck. There are many different options to experience this track, including ‘drive your own car’ days where you simply turn up and drive your own car around the course. You can also book custom packages where you can drive BMWs supplied by the course.

If you choose a real life driving experience, make sure your boyfriend or husband is totally aware of the risks involved. Ignoring the many dangers of a high speed or off road driving experience will put your partner in harm’s way, and the cost of hiring a car accident lawyer will make your present far more expensive than you had originally anticipated. It’s a high energy adrenaline rush to go out on any kind of driving experience, so aside from acknowledging the risks, you should also appreciate that it’s going to be a totally exciting and invigorating day. Be sure to bring your camera so that you can snap some videos of them, as they’ll certainly want to watch their laps back when it’s all over. 

No matter whether you opt for an amazingly realistic racing game or a pay for your partner to get behind the driving wheel of an actual formula 1 car, they’re sure to be more than happy with your present if you choose one of the ideas detailed above!