Why Websites Will Always Be Important

Websites are the backbone of the internet. Starting off back in the 90s as basic pages with just text, they have transformed into video streaming sites, replacing television as the primary way we view content. 

Nowadays, anyone can make a website, very cheaply, and in a short space of time. Compare this to an app, which costs thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to make. Yes, there are benefits to apps over websites, but making one is not accessible to all. Making an app requires knowledge of iOS’s native language Swift, which takes years to learn. Whereas with websites you can just drag and drop on popular platforms such as WordPress.

The world’s most renowned website – Google, is the major reason why websites will always remain relevant. With search engine optimisation (SEO) as important as ever, not just having a website is enough. It needs a multitude of factors to rank well on Google and with the algorithm constantly changing there are plenty of SEO trends to follow in 2022. 

Individuals use websites for everything, from watching their favorite movies to comparing deals. Most of the household names have apps too, but with a website, there is way more content and you may stumble across other sites that may interest you. Around the world different sites are popular. If you remember back in the 90s, Yahoo was all in the range in the West, but today is not that popular. Then again, it is in Japan, is a more visited search engine than Google, and the only other country where Google is not the market leader is, China because it has its own version called Baidu. In isolated regions like New Zealand, certain websites are used most as it focuses solely on benefits for Kiwis. Online comparison sites that compare utility bills or even online casinos are an example of this. For the latter, New Zealand players can access sites that compare their favorite pokies with reviews provided. Fortunately, there are plenty available from big names, such as an in-depth Leo Vegas review. On the page, you will find the bonuses available, the payment options you can use, and the games that you can play on the operator. 

A website is the perfect place to let your audience know everything about you, or your business. Nevertheless, you still need social media channels for greater outreach, which will also help you rank. If a company does not have an online presence, they are seriously damaging potential revenues, for literally every line of business. For example, if you run a bar and do not have a web page and/or facebook, new customers can only find you in real life. This is an outdated model, so be sure to have a clean looking website that gives information on what your business offers. 

Websites are also an excellent way for potential clients to get in touch, whether via email or phone, all your info is there on the contact page. And you never know who is looking at it. Moreover, the cost is so minimal, and the upkeep is easy, so there really isn’t a reason why any company wouldn’t have one. 

The importance of a website can therefore not be disputed. Then again, just creating one and leaving it will not do you many favors. Thus, it is imperative that you update the site with relevant content to keep connected to your customers or potential audience. One major factor of a website if you are a land-based business, is that online you have access to the international community, which will drive revenue. 

Even if you do not know how to make one, or just do not have the time, you can hire someone for a small cost from websites such as Fiverr. An honorary mention must also go to the opportunity to build an eCommerce site that can be done in an afternoon on sites such as Shopify. 

In conclusion, websites will always be relevant, even if they do evolve to 3D experiences with the emergence of VR technology. So having one is vital for your business, so get started today!