What Is Waiting for You After You Pass Microsoft 70-778 Exam? Use Practice Tests To Ease Your Way To Well-Paid Jobs

So, you want to pass your Microsoft 70-778 successfully and earn an associated badge as well. But, you don’t know how everything will be going after this step. Well, you are not alone in this. There are many professionals out there who get confused on how to utilize their expertise and cash it.

This is why we have decided to bring clarity over this subject matter by offering you a list of key job roles that are fit for you after passing Exam-Labs . But, before moving any further, let’s have a quick review of this exam and how to prepare for it with no difficulties.

Quick Overview

70-778 is one of the obligatory tests that you need to pass to earn the MCSA: BI Reporting badge. Intended to make you a maven of Power BI and Excel, this assessment helps you get a lot of benefits starting from wide career opportunities to better pay.

It focuses on equipping the candidate with skills like data modeling with the help of Microsoft Power BI Desktop, dashboard configuring, upright implementation of Microsoft SQL Azure and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), creating reports using Power BI, and so on. If you are still in search of good preparation materials for this assessment or even have completed the official training, don’t hesitate to do some practice tests. You can find one provided by Microsoft itself as well as download more files with sample questions and answers from third-party reliable resources. But, that’s enough about studies, let’s see what awaits you in the future!

Job Roles Available

Once you pass assessments MS-101 and MS-200 and earn your 70-764 , you can easily apply for the roles like:

  • Power BI Developer

In this position, you would be responsible for end-to-end BI development and administration in multiple industry ecosystem types. Your responsibilities will also include developing visual reports and KPI scorecards and making DAX queries in Power BI desktop.

Salary — according to the Glassdoor.com research, these professionals can easily make about $81k annually. With the increase in experience, the pay can go as high as $108k.

  • BI Solutions Architect

Your duties in this job role will include providing timely assessment of business requirements, developing technology specifications as well as identification of current ones, designing BI solutions by applying architectural and engineering concepts, and so on. The onus of maintenance of BI solutions is also on you.

Salary — the average BI Solutions Architect salary per year is 70-767 as stated on the PayScale.com.

  • BI Analyst

Being a qualified BI Analyst, you will be responsible to do upright data validation and deployment. You will also be responsible to design policies and procedures for the data collection, finding new data analysis methodologies, and monitor the analytics and metrics continuously.

Salary — at mid-level career, a Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst can easily make $68k while an experienced one can fetch average compensation of $95k per annum as it comes from the latest PayScale research.

Final Words

Seeing the above list, we can easily conclude that there is no dearth of opportunities, development, and high salaries once you earn your MCSA 70-778: BI Reporting. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Start from taking 70-778 exam and prepare thoroughly. Achieving passing marks in the assessments take a strong determination and proper resources. Don’t forget to refer to practice tests during preparation and this will raise your chances of success several times!