Top Casino Themed Movies

Casinos share a close relationship with the film industry. Both films and gambling are an intrinsic part of the entertainment world. This is apparent with the number of movies that have been produced around the casino theme. As a movie buff, you might have seen a host of films but if you are a gambling fan, it’s unlikely to have missed out on a casino-themed film. Inspired by real events at casinos and experiences of great gamblers at popular brick-and-mortar casinos, these movies ooze thrill with the intense tales narrated on the big screen.

Even the top software developers in the iGaming industry keep launching games based on top Hollywood movies. With top UK slot gaming opportunities, players can bet on their favorite film characters, enjoy immersive soundtracks and impeccable visuals of blockbuster films as they spin the reels at their favorite online casino hideout.

Winning gambling-themed feature films that are a must-watch! 

The list is long as Hollywood has been producing a plethora of movies based on casinos. Here’s a list that features some of the most famous films.

Ocean’s Eleven:  An all-time favorite thriller, Ocean’s Eleven was a huge success at the box office. Released in 2001, the film depicted a big casino robbery in the city of Las Vegas planned by a team of burglars. With its star cast and powerful direction, the film became a hit.

Croupier: If you are keen to sneak-peak into a casino dealer’s life, this film is a good watch. Plotted around the life of a writer who starts working at a famous casino to write the life experiences of a croupier, the film won accolades from critics across the industry.

Rounders: Poker fans can plug into their favorite devices and enjoy Rounders which was released in 1998. The movie revolves around the lives of two friends who try to earn quick money to clear off an outstanding debt.

The Gambler: Follow the English professor who is addicted to gambling! You’ll see the author landing into big debts and then stealing money from his mother to stake it at a Vegas casino in the quest of winning it back.

The Cincinnati Kid: This 1965 drama film portrays the life of an aspiring young poker player. The film culminates with a faceoff between the ‘Kid’ and Howard, where the latter beats the Kid with a straight flush. An interesting plot, well-directed; Cincinnati Kid is an evergreen casino-themed film.

Casino Royale: If you are a James Bond fan, this movie is sure to be on your list. Through the film you will see James played by none other than Daniel Craig, trying to defeat a rogue financer at a poker game. The high stakes Poker game and real casino action might just have you walk into a casino the very next day.

21: Card counting on the mind; watch this one for an intellectual treat! An ultimate entertainer where you see a group of MIT students become expert at counting cards at casinos only to make massive wins at various casinos in Las Vegas.

Rain Man, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Win It All are just a few among the best-rated casino movies. Time for some real-time binge-watching!