The Remarkable Evolution Of Video Game Graphics

Video games have played a role in the lives of most people and over the years, gamers have watched these games become even better with technology. The visual presentation of games has changed greatly since when they were first offered. It all began with a 2D presentation of a game, then it went into the 3D gaming thrills we all enjoy now. Soon, the advances will take us to 4D gaming, where an even more exciting world of video games will await. Over the past four decades, video games have evolved and they continue to do so.

Early Game Graphics

When arcade and video games were first enjoyed back in the 70s and 80s, players saw simple graphics and animations on the screens. The simplicity was due to the processing power of computers that were being used at the time. Some game developers were quite innovative with their use of graphics and actually created some games that appeared to be in 3D, though they were really not. When one of the first home gaming consoles was released in the 1980s, players saw these simple graphics and gameplay. With the Atari 2600, players enjoy the action of great game titles but the graphics were nothing like the games of today. In fact, some of the graphics didn’t even look like what they were supposed to represent, causing players to make use of their imagination as they became wrapped up in the game.

Progress With Nintendo and PlayStation

When Nintendo entered the picture, things started to changes in the world of video game graphics. The NES offered an 8-bit system that presented more realistic graphics and characters. Soon after the amazing success of the NES, Nintendo released Super Nintendo, bringing players into the world of 16-bit graphics that were more exciting. This offered more colors and more detail. While games still were not presented in 3D, they were much more appealing to the eye.

PlayStation was a game changer for many and when the first system was released, it offered a 32-bit system. This was widely popular with avid gamersbut was quickly replaced when Nintendo released their 64-bit system. The Nintendo 64 changed gaming completely and offered 3D graphics which paved the road for the many gaming consoles to come in the future.

Modern Day Game Graphics

The major gaming systems have changed quite a bit over the years and now, we enjoy games that are true 3D titles. The graphicsand animations are astounding and many games make players feel like they are right there in the idle of the action. The major console developers all followed suit with the 3D craze and many new consoles were released, including GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 and 3. Now, players enjoy the intense graphics on consoles like PS4 and Wii.

Aside from playing great games on consoles, games that are played online also have amazing graphics. Software developers have worked with technology to offer realistic gaming experiences, such as those found at leading online casinos like Casumo. Here, players can play casino games and feel like they are in a land casino as they engage in exciting games and enjoy amazing animations. Live dealer games have been a game changer for online gamblers, presenting simulcast games that feature live dealers and the most realistic presentation of casino card and table games.

As technology continues to advance, graphics and animations will also become better in the coming years and many players will enter the world of virtual gaming, where they are placed right in the middle of all the game action.