The Movie Stars Attracted To The Thrills Of Gambling

We all watch movies and will often wax lyrical about the performances of individuals after. However, it’s worth remembering that film stars work hard, but then they naturally have gaps in their schedule, which they use to unwind and relax.

Because those playing prominent roles in movies have the money, heading to gaming venues is a fantastic option. And while most movie stars may tend to avoid the hustle and bustle of your local casinos, there are VIP roulette tables that might be more up their street. Over the years, plenty of actors and actresses have populated the most glamorous casinos, and here are just a few who spring to mind.

George Clooney

After learning to play poker at a young age, George Clooney is an old hand when it comes to gambling. He’s been known to visit private gaming rooms at some of the US’s best casinos. And, talking of casinos, believe it or not, Clooney himself had plans to open his own in Las Vegas. While the project never got started, it shows just how passionate the sixty-year-old is about gambling.

Brad Pitt

While George Clooney has been involved in gambling in some way, shape or form since childhood, Brad Pittnever had an interest in it until he starred in Ocean’s 11 alongside Clooney. And, his newfound interest in gambling quickly grew, with video slots, poker and blackjack all games Pitt likes to play. Like many other movie stars, Pitt has visited casino venues around the globe to explore his passion further.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, 49, is one of Hollywood’s most talented stars. Not only is he an excellent actor in his own right, but a director and producer, amongst other things, too. And Affleck’s talents go way beyond the film industry. While you’ll see many celebrities gambling, how many do you see playing at a professional level? Not many. In Affleck’s case, he’s banked over a million dollars in prize money from competing in poker tournaments.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is a close friend of Ben Affleck, and they naturally enjoy similar things, such as playing games at casinos. Like Affleck, Damon is partial to a few hands of poker, And you could say this was helped significantly when he starred in Rounders and learned the game by being Johnny Chan’s apprentice. As well as poker, Damon is said to be a massive fan of blackjack.

As you can see, there is a boatload of Hollywood stars who have a passion for gambling. And while they may not be fans of visiting land-based casinos these days, they always have the option of playing online. Let’s face it, A-listers will get less hassle if they’re logging on at their favourite online casino to enjoy some poker, roulette or blackjack. And there are even live versions of each game available, which provides an authentic casino experience.