Stellar DJs Playing at Beonix Festival 2023

concert crowd Photo by Kaleb Nimz on Unsplash

It’s a reality that any celebrity adds significance and relevance to the event. And BEONIX 2023 will be no exception.

The festival promises to be bright and shining not only because of head-spinning light effects but also because of the brilliance of electronic music stars playing on stage.

In this post, we’ll highlight some big-name performers the Cyprus fest entices its audience with.

South African Gem

Once at the fest, you’ll be in awe of Black Coffee, a DJ with a unique flavor.

Known outside of creative endeavors as Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo is the kind of artist tightly rooted in his native soil, and his sound clearly reflects his cultural background.

Studying jazz and working as a vocalist also put an imprint on Nkosinathi’s DJing. 

As a result, his tracks are stuffed with samples of songs by South African musicians and singers performing jazz, soul, and various styles of local music.

His achievements are recognized not only by ordinary listeners but also by professionals in the field of electronic music. He has 4 DJ Awards and a Grammy, in addition to numerous national honors.

Black Coffee/ DJ

Black Coffee is an iconic participant and performer at the Amsterdam Dance Event, Red Bull Music Academy, Boiler Room, Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, and the Circoloco event at DC-10.

The South African gem collaborated with such influencers of world music as Drake, David Guetta, and Usher.

To his homelanders, he’s much more than a celeb DJ with gold and platinum albums. Nkosinathi is the driving force behind various notable social projects.

He provides real help to those who need it and also promotes his country on the global stage, positioning it as a land of talented people.

Bremen Town Musician

Born into the family of a musician, Stephan Bodzin was destined to connect his life with music. And so he did.

After embracing analog instruments, such as piano and bass guitar, he moved on to mastering digital technologies. At the same time, he created music for experimental theaters. 

Bodzin’s first EDM tracks shortly became dance hits in Bremen clubs. He joined the German electronic community and met music soul mates like Oliver Huntemann.  

Stephan is equally successful as a solo performer playing minimal techno and as a producer of trance and techno projects. 

The Bremen genius brought his talent to the table by producing a slew of electronic artists and bands, including Elektrochemie, Marc Romboy, H-Man, and Thomas Schumacher.

Stephan Bodzin/ DJ

Bodzin’s remixes injected new life into the works of Depeche Mode, The Knife, Sinead O’Connor, and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, making them true bangers. 

In 2006, the DJ launched his own label — Herzblut Recordings. The label has become a haven for techno musicians who want to make music without trying to fit the standards of the genre.  

In addition to Bodzin himself, Herzblut released singles and EPs by many artists, such as Luna Semara, Nicolas Masseyeff, Super Flu, Marc Romboy, Max Cooper, and Florian Meindl.

The Bremen musician Stephan Bodzin develops his distinct sound in which electronics and melody coexist in peace and harmony. 

House Star From Texas

Not a single electronic music festival can do without celeb house DJs. Maceo Plex is one such at Beonix 2023.

His career started in the United States, where he was born and raised, and further unwound in Europe. 

Eric Estornel, that’s how he’s known offstage, was at the forefront of the Miami rave movement in the ’90s, delivering high-quality dance tracks to clubs and dance floors. 

As experience is gained, so comes boldness. Eric began to accrue aliases, bringing something new to the electronic scene with each of his projects.

Eric Estornel/ DJ
Stellar DJs Playing at Beonix Festival 2023 3

Estornel’s ingenious personality, whether under the guise of Maetrik, Mariel Ito, or Maceo Plex, gave out non-trivial groovy works blending house with electro and techno.

One clear example of Eric’s creative versatility is the 2017 album Solar, a very personal thing speaking to listeners through melodies, vocals, sounds of ambient, soul, and other styles. 

Renowned labels, including Treibstoff, Crosstown Rebels, Ellum Audio, and Drumcode Records, having an eye for EDM hits, were happy to release his music.

Recognized by his peers and the community as a DJ Awards winner, Eric is one of the most coveted artists at top-tier clubs in Ibiza.

Maceo Plex is, among other things, famous for his inventive reworkings of New Order, Faithless, Chromatics, and collaborations with Johnny Jewel, Josh Wink, and Oscar and the Wolf.

Ickarus Soaring to the Top

Paul Kalkbrenner is two in one — a star DJ and a movie star. He first heard techno as a teenager, and it was love at first sound.

The good knowledge of music theory and a full understanding of quality electronic music gained in Berlin clubs laid the foundation for his own work.

Fateful for Paul was his meeting with Ellen Allien — a luminary of German electronic music and mother of BPitch Control. Until 2009, he released his albums and EPs on this techno label.

Each track made by the shining talent from Berlin is a declaration of love for techno. And freedom. This confession is conveyed to the audience especially clearly through his live shows, which are his trademark.

Paul Kalkbrenner/ DJ Source:

It’s no surprise that Paul got cast in the starring role of a DJ in the movie Berlin Calling. 

Invited initially as a soundtrack writer, Kalkbrenner perfectly projected himself into Ickarus — the DJ going through a mental and spiritual crisis while at the height of his popularity.

In addition to the film’s stunning success among critics and audiences, its soundtrack went platinum and made Paul an international celebrity.

The track “Sky and Sand” has become an electronic music classic and the Kalkbrenners family story, as Paul’s younger brother Fritz recorded the vocals for the song.

PK is a living legend who continues to be active by producing music, touring, and releasing albums that never go unnoticed.

Too Much Is Never Enough

The above headliners are the icing. And the whole lip-smacking cake will be served to you at Beonix this year.

The festival’s star-spangled lineup will make it bright even at night. Last year’s Beonix nights in Cyprus were brightened to the max.

To be part of the great electronic music event, be in Limassol, Cyprus in September, from the 22nd to the 24th, at ETKO.