Screener Girl Checks Out The Season Premiere Of Life

Life On NBCLife Is Still As Quirky As Ever, And I Love It For That


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If there is one reason to tune into Friday night TV this season, it is the return of NBC’s quiet hit Life.  Airing on Monday and Friday night for the next two weeks (in order to get some eyes to the show), Life is still as quirky as ever, and I love it for that.

Life is the story of Charlie Crews, a cop who was set up for the murder of a family and who spent 12 years in jail for the crime he didn’t commit.  Once released from prison, and after a hefty settlement that allows him any luxury in the world, he was put back on the force, and is now working for the very department that had him arrested in the first place.  Played out in live action and in flashback / testimonial interviews, the show tackles what happens when you have to readjust.

By the end of last season, he had found the man responsible for the murders (who gives interviews from jail for the interview portion of the show), as well as the only eye witness (the daughter of the murdered family, Rachel).  The investigation into his past these season looks like it will revolve around those who set him up, a group of people that may or may not include his partner Dani’s father Jack Reese.

In the first mystery of the season, Charlie and Dani are called to various dead bodies throughout LA as they try to piece together how these seemingly unrelated crimes are all related.  Joining the cast this season in place of Robin Weigart (who I loved but don’t miss) is Donal Logue (Finnerty! /groundedforlifereference) as the new captain.  He’s a cop from NYC (we know this because he calls it a “precinct” versus a “department”), and he is kind of awesome.  I already love the interaction between him, Dani, and Charlie (especially when Charlie just walks out of his office, mid-thought, in the first hour).  

There is so much to enjoy about this show – Charlie’s quirks (including an aversion for Zen and multiple fruits) keep it interesting.  His getting reacclimated to the world after being in prison for 12 years is great – my favorite scene in the premiere involves automatic sinks in a public restroom.  His partnership with Dani is fantastic – he annoys but he supports her.  It’s nice to see a man and woman work together who aren’t “destined to be together” or anything like that.  They’re just good partners.

I worry about the show being lost in the shuffle of Mondays, and the solid and consistent CBS Friday lineup – lend some of your time to checking this out!  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!