Screener Girl Checks Out The Season Premiere Of Chuck

Zach Levi ChuckChuck Is Back And Better Than Ever

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It’s almost hard to remember the last time we spent time with Chuck Bartowski and his group of friends.  I am so glad that NBC had the guts last season to give this brand new show a second season, with all of the crazy strike goings-on.  I’m also thrilled that before this show even premiered this season, NBC gave Chuck a full season order, as a sign in their confidence that this show is a hit.  NBC was so right in doing so.  The first three episodes of Chuck flew by as I watched them, and I cannot wait for more.

For those of you who have forgotten, Chuck is the story of a man named Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) who works at the Buy More and who is content to live a life of video gaming with his best friend Morgan.  Chuck inadvertently opened an email from old college friend (and back-stabber) Bryce Larkin – the email implanted all of the government’s secrets into Chuck’s brain (the Intersect).  Enter scary NSA agent John Casey (played by the awesome Adam Baldwin) and gorgeous CIA agent Sarah Walker (played by the gorgeous Yvonne Strahovski) to protect Chuck (now called “The asset” or “The Intersect”) from the nefarious villains of the world.  By the end of Season 1, a new Intersect was prepared and Chuck was going to live a spy-free life, and let some other poor fool deal with it.  

Cut to Season 2, where Chuck is back in the midst of danger, as he bides his time waiting for the new Intersect to be issued and preparing for a future after spy-dom.  A future which includes the love of his life, Sarah Walker, who, despite pretending not to, has obviously fallen for our boy!  Chuck doesn’t realize that Casey has instructions to kill him once the new Intersect goes live and though Casey loves his country and is super loyal to the government, our Nerd Herder has grown on him, and he doesn’t want to do it.

Michael Clarke Duncan appears in the season premiere as an awesome villain who just wants to get secrets from Chuck and the team.  Also making an appearance in the premiere?  The smooth and stylish Charles Carmichael (Chuck’s alter ego), who Chuck uses as a way to get out of a sticky situation (Morgan is helpful without even realizing it in this scene, and it’s brilliant).  As any good spy drama should, the show ends on a cliffhanger that will keep you excited for episode 2 (episode 2 featuring John Laroquette and Melinda Clarke also ends with a cliffhanger and it’s a good one).

Chuck is back and better than ever – in a scary Monday night line up where there are already too many shows on, don’t forget to tune in and watch one of the evening’s best!