Netflix Announces New Adult Animated Comedy PARADISE P.D.


Paradise, P.D., a new adult animated comedy series

10 episodes, 30 minutes each

Series will premiere later this year

Logline: They’re bad cops. Not bad like no nonsense. Not bad like cool. Bad like shitty. Paradise PD: They’re the worst responders. From the creators of Brickleberry comes this take on a small-town police department.

Creator: Waco O’Guin and Roger Black (Brickleberry)

Produced by Bento Box Animation for Netflix

Image (left to right):

Stanley Hopson – Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies)

Gerald Fitzgerald – Cedric Yarbrough (Speechless)

Kevin Crawford – Dave Herman (Brickleberry, Bob’s Burgers)

Chief Randall Crawford – Tom Kenny (Spongebob. Legendary voice actor)

Gina Jabowski – Sarah Chalke (Roseanne, Scrubs, Rick & Morty)

Bullet (dog) – Kyle Kinane (The Standups)

Dusty Marlow – Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)