Mondo : THE IRON GIANT Bolt Vinyl Toy And Puzzle Second Edition

Few animated films of the past century or so have remained as firmly lodged in our hearts and minds as THE IRON GIANT. The debut feature from writer/director/Pixar hero Brad Bird is an impossibly poignant exploration of humanity (as experienced through a giant robot), and is genuinely destined to remain a favorite for decades to come.

We step into the world of THE IRON GIANT every chance we get, and two of our past releases have remained in such high demand that we’re making them available again to any humans and/or machines who need ’em.

Both products are available now in our Iron Giant Collection.



The original run of The Bolt was our second Collectibles release ever, a life-sized replica of the wayward piece of the Iron Giant, designed exactly as seen in the film. The Bolt is 6.5 inches in length, with authentic details that ensure the Giant will be coming to your door searching for it at any moment. Now in its most affordable version, it’s the perfect-sized home piece to show that there’s always hope for the future.

The Iron Giant Mondo Puzzle

THE IRON GIANT 1,000-Piece Puzzle (Second Edition)

Artwork by DKNG

You’ve always wanted to hang out with The Iron Giant, and now you can construct your very own metal friend. DKNG’s glorious 2016 Mondo poster is reprised in this 1000-piece 20”x28” puzzle, with all new piece-shapes, bringing a new dimension to a genuine masterpiece.

Both Bolt toy & puzzle ship to addresses in US, Japan, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, & US Military Base. Bolt toy is expected to ship in November 2020 & puzzle is expected to ship in 3-5 business days.