How Smartphones Allow You To Travel The World From Your Own Home

Your smartphone is an exceptional tool that opens up a world of possibilities, especially when it comes to exploring the world. And the best part? You don’t even need to board a plane to get some of the benefits. While we might all like to whisk ourselves away on a jet to a new and exciting destination each week, that’s not always possible. But with your smartphone in your hand, you can get some of the traveling experience, without dealing with crowds, jetlag, and the other annoying elements of hitting the road. From exploring foreign cities on Google Earth to having Vegas-like experiences on online slots websites, smartphones allow you to travel the world from the comfort of your own home. And with VR technology improving all the time, it’s likely that virtual-traveling will be even better in the years to come, too. 


Part of the joy of setting forth on an adventure is that you get to simply explore the world and be continually presented with new ideas, people, streets, sights, and more. While far from replacing the real thing, smartphones can bring an element of this experience to you, right in your own home. Who doesn’t love wandering ancient streets in iconic cities on Google Earth? There’s also, a non-profit site that gives visitors access to more than 30,000 photographs and documentaries from around the world.

Local Events 

Can’t visit a destination to see a performer or exhibition in person? No problem. Artists are increasingly turning to the web to give access to their live shows to fans all around the world. You may have preferred to be at Madison Square Garden to see your favorite band, but the next best thing will be watching that performance from your couch! The digitalization of experiences has also made historically region-specific activities available to many more people. For example, instead of going to Vegas, web users play their favorite casino games online.

Virtual Reality

As for the future? Virtual reality should interest travelers. Though the technology is still young, in the years to come, you’ll be able to explore the entire globe in 3D form, as if you were really there; when you can’t quite afford a flight, that’ll be the experience that itches your wanderlust And things won’t stop there. The metaverse will present entire virtualworlds to explore too, once it’s fully operational. In other words: the future of traveling is going to be even more exciting than it currently is.