Hollywood’s Love For Roulette: All-Time Hits Featuring The Roulette Wheel

People in touch with the concept of casinos and casino games cannot deny the fact that the game of roulette is very popular. It is so popular that one cannot imagine a casino, whether it is the conventional one or the recent online ones, without one or more roulette wheels. The popularity of the game of roulette is so great that online casinos these days are using it to attract people to their website with the play roulette games for free option; players come for the free roulette and stay for all the other engaging casino games! 

Hollywood’s love for roulette 

If we look at the history of the game of roulette, the one thing that stands out is Hollywood’s love for the game. We aren’t just talking about the various Hollywood celebs that are in love with and are proficient at the game; we are especially talking about the numerous instances where the game of roulette has featured in some of the all-time hits. To drive our point home, let us take a look at some of the most iconic Hollywood movies to have featured the roulette wheel all through movie history! 

  1. Diamonds are Forever

When we talk about roulette and movies, it is justice that we start with a Bond movie. We have seen numerous instances where the savvy secret agent has turned the tables and beaten the bad guys black and blue even at a casino table. We have seen James Bond indulge in numerous forms of casino games including baccarat, poker and roulette. But the most iconic James Bond movie to feature the roulette wheel has to go to Diamonds are Forever. The scene where Bond just breezes in on the high stakes roulette wheel and takes the stack home all the while on track of diamond thieves is as smooth and delightful as newly churned butter! 

  1. Casablanca

An iconic movie in its own right, Casablanca is an epic that features not one but two love stories. There is no exaggeration in saying that it has taught a whole generation the notion of romance. Even today, after numerous decades of the film being released, it is still being voted the most romantic movie of all times. In the movie Casablanca the roulette wheel plays a pivotal part in the plot; Bogart who runs the casino with the rigged roulette machine takes pity and urges the player on a losing streak to bet on the number 22 and him betting on it and winning totally changes the direction of the plot. 

  1. The Croupier

A whole new take on casinos and casino games, the movie, The Croupier, is all about an unsuccessful writer who becomes a croupier and how his life changes when he gets embroiled in a plot to scam the casino he works at. The movie revolves around the game of roulette and is a roller coaster ride, hopefully to riches!