GOOD WITCH Returns For Season Two April 17th

In “Second Time Around” premiering Sunday, April 17, 9 pm ET/PT, 8C, Cassie (Catherine Bell) and her handsome neighbor, Dr. Sam Radford (James Denton), finally seem ready to move their relationship forward. But Sam’s ex-wife Linda (Gabrielle Miller) is threatened by Cassie and pushes her out of the picture in an attempt to repair their fractured family for the sake of their son, Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond). Cassie’s daughter Grace (Bailee Madison) nervously prepares for her first driving test but not without some bumps in the road . While she searches for the perfect teacher to help her ace her test, Cassie knowingly hangs her “Help Wanted” sign at Bell, Book & Candle, hoping to reach someone whose life could use her magical touch. At the Bistro, Abigail (Sarah Power) approaches Stephanie (Kylee Evans) with a business proposition, before scheming a startling betrayal. And when a seemingly happy couple arrives at Grey House to celebrate their upcoming nuptials Cassie can see beyond their perfect facade, leading to an upsetting confession. Then, Tara (Rebecca Dalton) and Brandon (Dan Jeannotte) face a big change for their future before discovering a difference of opinion on an important milestone, and an intriguing visitor from Cassie’s past arrives in Middleton, promising to stir up another season of magical surprises for the Good Witch!

Also starring: Catherine Disher (Martha), Noah Cappe (Police Chief Derek), Peter MacNeill (George), Jefferson Brown (Ben), Kate Corbett (Eve), Siobhan Murphy (Beth), Jamie Spilchuk (Larry), Melinda Deines (Allison), Arden Alfonso (Meghan), Vanessa Matsui (Josephine), Landy Cannon (Dale), Dani Kind (Sarah) and Dan Payne (John).

In “Driven” premiering Sunday, April 24, 9 pm ET/PT, 8C, Cassie (Catherine Bell) is surprised to learn her old college friend John (Dan Payne) has arrived in town for a teaching job, but as they begin to reminisce about their free-spirited past it seems John may have an ulterior motive behind his move to Middleton. Meanwhile, Grace (Bailee Madison) gets a feeling that Sam (James Denton) is the perfect person to help her master her driving skills before the intimidating road test. But Sam’s manipulative ex-wife Linda (Gabrielle Miller) is bound and determined to keep Cassie and her family out of the picture, considering them to be competition for Sam’s attention. Cassie conjures up a plan to give her heartbroken Grey House guests a second chance at a fresh – and honest – start, before using her special charm on her new shop assistant that leads her to follow her true passion. And while Brandon (Dan Jeannotte) and Tara (Rebecca Dalton) come to an impasse after their pregnancy false alarm, a defeated Martha (Catherine Disher) is forced to go silent to cure her laryngitis before learning that some gifts mean more than words can express. As Abigail (Sarah Power) charms her way into a surprising solo business plan, Stephanie (Kylee Evans) is infuriated until she discovers the truth behind Abigail’s betrayal. And just as Sam stands up to Linda to keep Cassie in his life, Cassie’s rekindled friendship with John could make for some spellbinding complications.

Also starring: Rhys Matthew Bond (Nick), Noah Cappe (Police Chief Derek), Peter MacNeill (George), Jefferson Brown (Ben), Kate Corbett (Eve), Siobhan Murphy (Beth), Jamie Spilchuk (Larry), Dani Kind (Sarah), Dan Payne (John), Brendan Murray (Chuck) and Connor Thompson (Martin)