Earn CompTIA Network+ With Practice Tests And Unlock In-Demand Career Specializations

The demand for tech jobs rises as more and more lives get intertwined with virtual features and functions. People nowadays largely depend on tech advancements to make their life easier. As a result, a plethora of IT specializations is created to help individuals like you be on top of their game.

However, CertBolt may not be always fun and exciting; it can be tedious and disheartening, most especially if you fail to clinch your ideal job. Even so, you have to continue striving and keep your head high. And the most practical and effective way to prove your worth to the employer is to get certified with the help of the renowned and respected vendor of IT certifications and exams. If you want to know more about this way, read on and explore the details of the CompTIA Network+ credential and how practice tests can help you ace its related exam.

How CompTIA Certifications Increase Your Chances of Earning Your Coveted Job Role?

Having a prestigious certification demonstrates your capacity as an Exam-Labs CompTIA A+ Premium , signifies your profound command of key concepts as well as your technical proficiency in related tasks. But despite the number of badges offered nowadays, only a few names are tagged as proven and trusted. One of the most credible vendors that give hope to your career is the ever-dynamic CompTIA, an international non-profit organization that aims to grow your tech profession through comprehensive training and practical credentials.

CompTIA has been shaping and supporting tech aspirants to reach their fullest potential since 1982. Because of its long-running reputation, the association has become a leading certification provider in the IT industry. And part of their renowned list of badges is no other than Network+.

What Are Best Job Roles Polished by This Credential?

CompTIA Network+ is not your typical start-up accreditation because it is job-based and it entails all vital networking technologies and core functions. This means you must first fit the recommendations before you are given the go signal to prepare for its CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Dumps . This involves no less than 9 months of experience in networking and the 220-1002 Premium File .

With its prerequisites and in-depth test coverage, no wonder why Network+ is primarily utilized by tech jobs across the IT field. Below, we’ll observe 5 of the most practical specializations you can jump into once you complete your certification. All of the listed job roles are practical career moves that shower you with engaging salary benefits, which we will also highlight in accordance with the data on the PayScale.com website:

  • System Engineer with an average salary of $79,835

From creating structured development techniques to monitoring network performance, system engineers do have a great impact on a project’s success. Because of its pertinence, it’s important to be knowledgeable of the basic network features that encompass an organization. And what’s more exciting when you decide to become a system engineer is the broad career options in any IT sector.

  • Network Analyst getting $59,916 on an annual basis

In most tech companies, computer specialists are the people who keep data secured and easily accessible by key employees. And these professionals are often called network analysts. In this role, you should keep abreast of dealing with various network and security systems, which may include detecting risks and implementing measures on corresponding attacks. To have the right skills in networking, that’s where the CertBolt – Tests comes into action. One of the core abilities polished by this credential is network security, which expounds on common attacks that may occur in both wired and wireless networks.

  • IS Consultant with an estimated yearly salary of $84,990

IS consultants may not be as distinguished as other networking specialists but it’s one of the highest-paying networking jobs. So, if you’re planning to track this path, you won’t be disappointed with the financial compensation. As an IS consultant, you will provide strategic and operational advice to your clients to ensure that standards are met and objectives are achieved.

  • Junior Network Administrator who earns $47,640 in one year

A junior network administrator is another highly marketable position for the Network+ passers. This role allows you to work hand in hand with an expert-level network administrator. Once you have mastered your supporting Click skills, it will be easy for you to move and step up to a more specialized role in the future.

  • Computer Technician getting annual pay of $41,145

Whether you take a part in a company’s success or you open your own business, the Network+ certification is definitely a game-changer. It’s because this badge prepares you for the real world. It opens up your understanding of fundamental networking concepts, along with infrastructure technologies, tools, and security.

How to Successfully Earn CompTIA Network+?

There’s no easy way when it comes to obtaining credentials. You have to go through the process of studying, mastering, and assessing your skills. And for Network+, your learning will be evaluated through its own CompTIA Network Plus Questions – N10-007 . This 90-minute assessment consists of 90 questions formatted into various exam types, including drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, and even performance-based tasks. To pass this test, you have to get at least 720 points out of 900.

Before you commence your CompTIA Network+ journey, you should know what exam resources to maximize to guarantee the first-attempt success. Many candidates who are vying for an IT certification get support from both CompTIA and third-party platforms. For instance, for the most reliable practice tests and other exam-related materials, you can try ExamCollection, ExamSnap, and PrepAway. There, you’ll find the files with questions and answers from previous assessments to train with. Thus, you’ll see what domains are needed to be learned more and what can be called your strong points. What’s more, the materials from the mentioned sites can be opened in the special software that simulates testing environment. What can be better than such a chance?


The CompTIA SY0-501 Practice Test badge is no doubt an excellent career investment with remarkable benefits. Yes, it’s not an easy path but it’s surely one of the most fruitful ways to advance your career. Also, notice, that since the certification is quite popular, there are multiple resources like books and practice tests to help you grasp all the concepts needed. Therefore, if you want to be victorious in your professional pursuits, start rolling now and materialize your goals one by one! Today is the best day to make a change!