5 Adobe Products You May Never Have Heard Of

Adobe is a multinational computer software company, most well known for its design and creative software you’ll find few creatives who haven’t heard of at least one Adobe product – the most famous of which being Adobe Photoshop. But the Adobe suite actually encompasses more than 80 software products from e-learning platforms to digital marketing tools – so here are 5 Adobe products you may never have heard of, until now. 

  1. Adobe After Effects
    Adobe After Effects is an industry standard motion graphics and visual effects post production software for the TV and film industry. Among many other things, After Effects can be used for keying, tracking, compositing, and animation. Remove unwanted people, equipment or objects from a scene, add motion to titles and words, spin logos and combine video and imagery to create stunning effects such as explosions, rain or snow. If you want to create cinematic quality videos and take your video editing to the next level then Adobe After Effects is for you.

  2. Adobe Capture
    Adobe Capture understands that inspiration is all around us and therefore allows creatives to capture images from the real world using their smartphone and then turn them into vectors for use in their designs. See a font you like the look of in a magazine? Take a picture of it with Adobe Capture and save it to your creative library. Turn pictures into colour themes with the touch of a button, capture shapes and generate textures and then move these assets into your creative library for use in your next project. With Adobe Capture the world is your inspiration.

  3. Adobe Captivate
    Adobe Captivate is a tool used for the creation of e-learning content as is part of the Adobe e-Learning family. Starting out at a simple screen recording software, Adobe Captivate has since evolved to allow its users to create software simulations, programme software demonstrations, and write randomized quizzes in HTML5 and Small Web Formats. You can read more about Adobe Captivate in the following review: https://elearningindustry.com/directory/elearning-software/adobe-captivate-prime/reviews

  4. Adobe Audition
    Formerly known as Cool Edit Pro, Adobe Audition gives the user all the refined capabilities of a professional audio studio at their fingertips. Design, create a mix audio sound effects and correct or restore audio content using the spectral feature display. Perfect for podcasters, video editors and sound effect designers, Adobe Audition delivers a polished and pristine audio solution each and every time.

  5. Adobe Dreamweaver
    Design, code and publish beautiful websites for any device or screen size in the blink of an eye with Adobe Dreamweaver. Not a confident coder? Well Adobe Dreamweaver provides you with code hints and visual aids to reduce errors and help you learn and edit HTML, CSS and other web standards. Set up a site in a few simple steps and then preview pages and edits in real time across any device. If you want complete control of your website then Adobe Dreamweaver is for you. 

Have you tried any of these Adobe solutions?