YouTube Kids & Family THE EGGVENTURERS Trailer

The Eggventurers Youtube Kids And Family

YouTube Kids & Family today released the official trailer for “The Eggventurers,” a new preschool animated series featuring a zany cast of egg characters who jump into grand engineering adventures, building spectacular chain reaction machines to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. The series was created and produced by GoldieBlox, a children’s media and toy company on a mission to get kids excited about STEM and produced in partnership with Mainframe Studios, a leading animation company. Watch the premiere episode titled Zombie Eggpocalypse,” for free Friday, October 21 at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET on the GoldieBlox YouTube channel and the YouTube Kids app, with all-new episodes rolling out weekly on Fridays. 

“‘The Eggventurers’ is a dialogue-minimal yet entertainment-heavy show for preschoolers that centers around its lovable characters, amazing machines and problem-solving adventurers,” said Craig Hunter, Global Head of Kids & Family Originals for YouTube. “The series fosters imagination, creativity, trial and error, and teamwork in a relatable and fun way.”

“Our goal in creating The Eggventurers was to give preschoolers all over the world a wildly entertaining introduction to STEM through cool machines, lovable characters and problem-solving adventures,” said Debbie Sterling, Founder and CEO of GoldieBlox. “We hope that our egg heroes will inspire kids to build contraptions out of the stuff they have lying around the house, igniting an engineering mindset that will benefit them for years to come.” 

The trailer showcases our main egg heroes Robin, Pascha, Goose, Ducky, and Red, who use STEM, creativity, and teamwork to help surprise egg guest characters overcome obstacles and reach their goals. And although our egg heroes have no arms or legs, that doesn’t stop them from achieving the extraordinary, as they resourcefully use the common household objects they find around them to build whimsical solutions to problems big and small. 

In the premiere Halloween-themed episode, “Zombie Eggpocalypse,” scary-looking Egg Zombies descend upon Egg Mummy’s house and the Eggventurers face various challenges to save her from their mindless marauding. When they arrive on the scene (a.k.a. the kitchen counter) in their best costumes, they hatch a plan first involving candy corn, a turkey baster, fruit punch and then a spooktastic chain reaction machine made out of kitchen utensils and Halloween decor that takes them on a wild ride. It turns out the Zombies weren’t what they thought and an important lesson is learned – don’t judge an egg by its shell!

“The Eggventurers” is Produced by GoldieBlox and Mainframe Studios. GoldieBlox’s Founder and CEO Debra Sterling is creator and Executive Producer of the series with Brett Doar and Melissa Schneider as Executive Producers. Tanya Green, Michael Hefferon and Kim Dent Wilder are Executive Producers (Mainframe Studios). Craig Hunter is Global Head of Kids & Family Originals for YouTube as well as creative lead for “The Eggventurers” with Zoë Di Stefano also serving as creative lead.

About YouTube Kids & Family Originals:

“The Eggventurers is part of a growing roster of YouTube Originals focused on kids and family, including the award-winning series “Lockdown,” “Super Sema,” “Onyx Family Dinner,” “Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force, “Kid Correspondent,” and recent hits such as “Buster’s Big Halloween,” “The Big Tiny Food Face-Off”, “The Guava Juice Show,”  “Corpse Talk,” ”Millie & Lou, “Coyote Peterson’s Wild Field Trip,” “Buster Saves Christmas,” “Supa Strikas: Rookie Season,” “BookTube Jr.,” “Get Curious with Vice President Harris,” “Growing with Lottie Dottie,” “The Workout Badges,” “Break the Record,” Pinkfong Wonderstar,” “Sherwood,” “We Are Savvy,” “Hyperlinked,” “Kings of Atlantis” and “DanTDM Creates A Big Scene.” Shows on the YouTube Originals for Kids & Family channel can be found here.  

About GoldieBlox:

GoldieBlox is a children’s multimedia company on a mission to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fun and accessible for all kids, especially girls, who have been underrepresented in STEM fields. Founded by Stanford engineer Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox is known for “disrupting the pink aisle” and challenging gender stereotypes with the world’s first girl engineer and coder characters in children’s toys. For the past decade, GoldieBlox has inspired millions of kids around the world with videos, animation, books, apps, curriculum, toys, and merchandise; the tools that empower kids to build their confidence, dreams and ultimately, their futures. 

GoldieBlox has been recognized as a disruptive leader in children’s entertainment and has reached billions of consumers through TV, radio and digital as the first startup company to win a free Super Bowl commercial and have a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. GoldieBlox and its founder, Debbie Sterling, have won numerous awards, including the Toy Industry’s Educational Toy of the Year Award, Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies, Fortune’s 40 Under 40, President Obama’s Ambassadorship for Global Entrepreneurship, and the National Women’s History Museum’s “Living Legacy” award for inspiring girls around the world. To learn more, visit

About Mainframe Studios:

Since 1993, Mainframe Studios has been a leader in the field of animation, producing creative, ground-breaking content for some of the world’s biggest branded properties and studios. Mainframe has produced 1,200+ episodes, 70+ movies and three feature films. The studio harnesses the creative power of its global talent base, along with the latest innovative technology, to create top-tier animated productions for broadcasters, clients and partners. Recent projects include Madagascar: A Little Wild for DreamWorks Animation, the Octonauts specials and series, the Knowledge Network special LunaChip & Inkie: The Festival of Wishes, Mattel’s Barbie: Big City Big Dreams movie, multiple Netflix Original Series, and their first 2D series, The Guava Juice Show, starring YouTuber Roi Fabito.

YouTube Kids & Family THE EGGVENTURERS Trailer