Who Could Be The Next James Bond?

With Daniel Craig bowing out after the upcoming No Time to Die, speculation has already been swirling for years about who will replace him as 007. As the release date for this film comes ever closer, let’s take a look at some of the frontrunners who we might see step into the iconic role of James Bond soon.

Henry Cavill

Star of The Witcher TV show and the current Superman, Cavill was one of the actors who made it to the shortlist last time the role was up for grabs. At the time, he was considered to be too young. Now, with a lot more acting experience and training under his belt, he could be perfect for the role. He has also undertaken a few roles in spy and action films like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Mission: Impossible – Fallout, so he knows what to do to deliver the suave needed for Bond.

Sam Heughan

Scottish actor Sam Heughan has expressed interest in playing Bond. One reason why he wants to do so is to bring the role of Bond back to Scotland, as this has not been done since the original Bond, Sean Connery. He is most famous for his portrayal of Jamie Fraser in Outlander. This has given him experience with stunt work and some of the challenges that are needed to properly portray Bond. Can we see him playing some of Bond’s favourite online casino games such as baccarat, blackjack and poker? Only one word needed – absolutely!

Idris Elba

Ever since it was announced that Daniel Craig was stepping down from the role of 007, Elba has been one of the most-discussed names when it comes to who could take on the part. With a stellar turn as Luther, he has shown that he has the gravitas for Bond, and his role in the MCU also proves that he is capable of handling big-name franchises. However, he has often dismissed or made light of the notion of him playing Bond, so we might never see him in the role. 

Richard Madden

Another Scot who might take on the role of Bond is Richard Madden. Though he shot to prominence in HBO’s acclaimed fantasy series Game of Thrones, he has proven that he is also an action star with his role in the TV show Bodyguard – for which he was critically acclaimed. He has proven himself to be an accomplished actor, and stepping into Bond’s shoes could give him the chance to work in another big franchise again.

James Norton

Norton has been put forward as a good replacement for Craig. Like Craig was, he is a well-known actor without having too much of a global presence, whereas others on our list here have already achieved superstar status. He can deliver the gritty and grim that Bond sometimes needs, as can be seen from his roles in the TV shows Happy Valley and McMafia, but his portrayal of John Brooke in the 2019 adaptation of Little Women shows that he can also branch out as needed.

Who do you think will be the next Bond? Only time will tell who the next 007 will be!