Where Can I Learn The Six Sigma Program From?

Businesses place a lot of emphasis on Six Sigma techniques adopted in their manufacturing process. So, in this article, let us focus on learning what Lean Six Sigma is?  

Companies should set up lean six sigma training and hire professionals who have finished the six sigma program to reduce waste. So, this brings us to the most crucial question, which is where you should get certified in lean six sigma. 

Lean Six Sigma is focused on eliminating waste and reducing defects in products. If a company does not have the knowledge and makes errors during production, then the company can run into losses due to wastage.

As was already said, a certification course is one of the best ways to learn what lean six sigma is. So, before you think about where to learn and get certified, let’s go over the basics of Lean Six Sigma in depth.

What are Six Sigma & Lean Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a method that uses statistics and data analysis to identify errors and fix them. 

Six Sigma is a methodology that provides organizations with tools to enhance their management skills. As a result, profitability can be increased by reducing defect rates, raising employee morale, and improving product or service quality through enhanced performance and reduced process variation.

The lean six sigma approach combines the lean strategy with six sigma tools and techniques to reduce the company’s operational costs. A six sigma program will prepare you to identify and remove the defects a company faces to minimize the effort in the manufacturing process. 

Here, it is crucial to understand one major difference between lean management and six sigma. In comparison, lean management relies on teams to identify the cause of the problem, whereas six sigma is a data-driven approach that depends on the data to find the problem.

Otherwise, the focus of both techniques remains the same: to control and eliminate the error. 

The concept heavily relies on reducing and eliminating eight kinds of waste- DOWNTIME.

Let us see what each waste is all about:

D- Defect

O- Overproduction

W- Waiting

N- Non- Utilized talent

T- Transportation

I- Inventory

M- Motion

E- Extra processing.

Simply put, this method teaches us to find the main problem, eliminate the cause, convey the issues to the team members, and simplify the process.

What is Six Sigma & what are the phases of Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a set of management techniques intended to improve and streamline business processes to reduce the probability of error. 

During the levels of lean six sigma certification, you will be taught to include the following principles of the six sigma program.

It follows the DMAIC process to identify the unknown root causes. The acronym stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control. 


The first phase of what is lean six sigma is to define two things:

  • Customer’s needs and problems
  • How to solve the problem


In the second phase of the six sigma program, the company focuses on the measure by creating a strategic plan by gathering all the information.


The analysis phase aims to observe the possible causes of the variation and identify why the problem is occurring.


As the name suggests, it means to implement and improve the solution. So the first thing is to find the optimal solution to the problem, and the next step is to test it.


The last phase you will be taught in a lean six sigma certification is to monitor the improvement and the performance of the solution and document it. This is an essential step as this can be a continuous improvement process to enhance wherever possible.

What is Six Sigma Certification?

This certification attempts to educate professionals and companies on controlling waste and improving their business processes. In addition, it focuses on increasing profits by cutting down on errors and defects in the production process. 

We have already covered the phases you will learn in the certification course that is DMAIC. The best certification provider will cover all aspects of the lean six sigma principles. This, in turn, will allow you to flourish in your career and help your company prosper.

The best Lean Six Sigma Certification Course

Post Graduate Program in Lean Six Sigma

We want you to learn from the best, and here is our top pick to earn the certification. 

Become an expert in lean principles with Simplilearn’s ISAAC accredited lean six sigma training course. You can fast-track your career, whether you are just starting or want to improve your skills. 

This Bootcamp is for people who want to become experts in their field while continuing to work. And the best part is that many organizations have started recognizing the Bootcamp certifications as they cover the topics on par with the full-time courses. 

The Lean Six Sigma Bootcamp covers tools like DMAIC, JIRA, and Minitab. It is also tailored to the main Green Belt certifications at ASQ and IASSC. In this Bootcamp course, you will learn how to measure current performance to identify problems and focus on implementing solutions. 

The lean six sigma certification is simple and easy to understand because of how industry experts designed the course. You will learn by solving real-life projects and case studies on the following topics:

  1. Agile Management 
  2. Lean Management
  3. Digital Transformation
  4. Quality Management
  5. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  6. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Apart from the course, Simplilearn’s team also prepares you by giving mock interview sessions to prepare you for the real world. Also, the Bootcamp strengthens your resume, and the dedicated team at Simplilearn provides career guidance support. In addition to learning at a world-class level, graduates of the program can join the UMass Amherst Alumni Association.

With this, we hope we have successfully clarified your doubts about where to learn the Six Sigma program. Simplilearn’s Bootcamp can be your roadmap to carving a niche for yourself in the company you work for. 

In simple terms, a lean six sigma certification allows a professional to focus on three things:

  • To work on improving quality by analyzing problems, 
  • Coming up with solutions, 
  • To ensure optimal solutions that make an organization profitable. 

A six sigma certification is precious because not many professionals know its importance. Businesses also find the Six Sigma method to be very useful, which is why they are always looking for professionals who have been trained in it. 

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