What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Cashback Websites?

If you are doing research on the best ways to save money through your year then you have probably seen that cashback websites are often recommended. If you have not used a cashback website before then, they can be a great way to save as you buy. The basic idea is that once you sign up to a cashback website, you can go through their list of partnered retailers and find cashback links. These links will show you how much cash back you can get on your purchase, which may be anything from 1% to 25%. When you click on the cashback link on the website you will be taken to the retailer’s website where you can make your purchase as you usually would. Your purchase will be tracked automatically and when the order you will get a confirmation of cashback, and it will appear in your account. This cash can be accessed anytime when you have reached the minimal withdrawal amount.

Getting the most out of your cashback and issues to look out for. 

While getting Cashback from RebatesMe is great on smaller everyday purchases like on clothes and electronics, the real savings are made on service purchases that tie you in for a period of a year or more. This includes broadband, mobile phone contracts and insurances. You can often save hundreds of dollars on these purchases if you go though a cashback site. When you are looking at making a purchase like this take your time to research the main cashback websites and see which offer the best rates. Companies that offer these services will often partner with the main cashback websites on an exclusive basis and offer them increased rates that you can take advantage of with a little bit of research. If you are looking for more ways to save money check out this list of 50 ideas to save money in 2020.

Take your cashback as a gift card

Most people will want to take the cash they have earned out as a direct deposit into their bank account, but before you do this check the terms on taking out the cashback as a gift card. Often you will get a top-up if you withdraw your funds as a gift card, which is ideal if you were going to spend it at a certain retailer anyway. 

Cookie trails

The main way that cashback and retail sites track your purchase and confirm your cashback is through cookies. These are attached to you as you browse the internet and tell websites if you are a new or returning customer for example. To make sure that you get your cashback it needs to be clear that you clicked on the cashback link and then made the purchase on the retailer’s website. To ensure that this happens it is useful to clear you cookies before making the purchase. This will make it as clear as possible that you came to the retailer through a cashback link which will minimise the risk that the purchase won’t be tracked.