The Power Of Music: Can It Really Enrich Your Life?

Music is something that we all love. Our tastes may vary, but an interest in listening to lyrics, rhythms and beats is often a common passion among people. But how does listening to music actually benefit us? Aside from keeping us occupied and allowing us to have a little fun when we listen to it or attend shows, there are actually plenty of reasons that we’re not wasting our time tapping our toes and nodding our heads, after all.

It Keeps Us Social

Many of us tend to form social alliances based on the music we listen to. These start when we’re young, and often last well into our adult lives. Perhaps you go to a particular kind of club based on the music you listen to. You’ll probably go to gigs, too, which are quite obviously a great place to meet like-minded individuals. You are there to listen to the same stuff, after all.

You might even make friends because you spot someone in a crowd wearing the shirt of your favourite band – or increasingly, because they have a tattoo influenced by that band, instead. Many a friendship is formed simply due to liking the same music.

It’s Good For Our Health

This might be surprising, but rock music can improve your health. It’s true! Everything from our physical health to our mental health can be improved by being a regular listener.

If you listen to music while working out, it’s proven that you’ll push yourself further, which improves your overall fitness. And the Institute of Cardiology say that the endorphins your brain releases when you listen to the music that you love are actually really, really good for your heart.

Mentally, music busts stress, by making you more active and energised. Depending on the kind of music like like, it can make you feel happier, as well. Going to gigs reduces anxiety, and even more bizarrely, in a survey of 377 adults, those who listened to metal were the happiest – who knew?!

It’s Great For Our Work Life

It’s a bit of an issue of contention, but they do say that music can improve your concentration when studying or at work. If you listen to classical, it’s said to make you smarter and boost brain power, but just about any kind of music can block out distractions. While it is said that silence is quite literally golden, there are typically background noises that music can help block out.

Love music that much? You can even work in it. There are so many jobs – from playing instruments, through to marketing, touring and so much more!

It Brings Us Awesome Experiences

Whether music has had you travelling to another city or even another country, some of the experiences that we have surrounding music shape who we are as people. Festivals bring back memories for years to come, music cruises on major cruise lines bring us together with fans all over the world, and music generally accompanies some of the biggest milestones of our existence.

From weddings to road trips to birthdays, music quite literally provides the soundtrack to our lives. And what could be more powerful than that?