Scare Tactics On SCI FI

Scare Tactics Morgan
Having spent the past three days in the beautiful town of Estes Park, CO with the Sci Fi Digital Press Tour (more details to come throughout the week), I am officially all about Sci Fi and their incredible reality shows.  I’ve always watched them when on, but didn’t set my watch to them; that all changed after spending time with the wonderful people involved in making them happen.  This week, Scare Tactics, a show that had disappeared off the schedule but was recently brought back, starts the second half of their season tonight and I have five reasons for you to tune in –

1.    New Host, Tracy Morgan – Maybe you weren’t a Stephen Baldwin or Shannen Doherty fan (both of whom I loved as the host and who I think both get a bad rap).  Maybe you just love Tracy Morgan.  Either way, he is hilarious as the host of the series, explaining the bits that you’re going to see.

2.    It’s funny when it happens to other people – Even if you’re afraid of just about everything, watching these people get scared by their best friends, or family members, is just funny.  I don’t even want to imagine what kind of bit they’d be able to pull on me, but tonight’s four, including a taxi driver running over a man and leaving him for dead, had me laughing out loud.

3.    You never know when this could happen to you – Spend some time studying what they do, where they are, what jobs these marks have been hired for.  You never know – you could gather some information in case your sister or your best friend says “Hey, you, I have a great temp job for you” and suddenly, you, too, could be delivering Satan’s baby!

4.    The half hour flies by – By the end of the first half hour airing tonight (a second episode airs after the premiere), I was sad to see that the time had gone by so quickly.  It was easy to watch and enjoy, and I didn’t feel (like I do with certain other reality shows) that I was stuck watching and would never be done.

5.    The folks behind the scenes – It’s not often I wax poetic about the showrunners I know, or the people I’ve met, but the guys who make this show possible are some of the coolest people in the world (here’s my shout out to S, T, and G).  Laid back, relaxed, hands down awesome, and more than that, they totally enjoy what they’re doing.  While I’m watching because I enjoy the show, I think that they are brilliant and want to support whatever they do!