STORM CHASERS Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peek Clips

Sunday’s premiere episode gives viewers an adrenaline-filled insider’s look at the historic and tragic 2011 spring storm season, including the infamous April 27th tornado outbreak that tore through Alabama and Mississippi.  STORM CHASERS teams followed several of the monster storms on that when over 200 tornadoes touched down and 300 lost their lives.  The never-before-seen footage combined with meteorological expertise and years of chasing experience piece together a day unprecedented in history.  The race is on to learn more about these monsters of Mother Nature, improve early warning systems and save lives.  In addition, the new season of STORM CHASERS also features newly tricked-out vehicles — including the debut of Timmer’s “Dominator 2” and a newly revamped Twistex vehicle — that feature cutting edge research tools such as sophisticated radar equipment, probes and air cannons.

Season Premieres September 25 at 9 PM E/P on Discovery —