Steaks On A Plane: An Unique Restaurant Concept

Based in the old mill town of Bolton, there is a curious sight parked on the A676. In between the terraced takeaways and convenience stores, a gleaming Boeing 737 stands taller than many of the roadsigns. It is Steaks on a Plane- the restaurant concept which has been attracting customers from as far afield as Scotland since it opened in 2015.

The unique conception behind its creation 

The owner Zahid Kadva decided to put a food trailer on a small patch of land by his parent’s butcher shop and began serving fast food from a converted red double-decker bus. Then in 2015, he traded the bus in for an airplane. The ex-Russian airliner or one half of it currently stands proudly re-painted with steps and a balcony, black booth seating with tables to seat 28 covers and an open plan kitchen. The cockpit is still intact, so you are welcome to sit in the pilot’s seat, fiddle with the controls and pretend you have the freedom and know-how to leave Balton for the Balkans. The wings have been removed and it has been cut in half but the cockpit is fully intact while tables, chairs and a full kitchen has been fitted inside. Meanwhile, you can access to Scores Casino UK.

What is inside the plane?

Expect no plates, cutlery or glasses as the food is served in disposable boxes, condiments come in oversized squeezy bottles and drinks in cans. There isn’t even a toilet on board. A quote from the project manager Ridwan Asmal, of E-sparkle, who helped with the original fit-out suggests he might have been indulging in a little upselling when he said, “ when you enter, people are going to feel like they are inside some celeb style plane.”

Don’t expect perfectly coiffed air stewards draping you with linen before serving you high-grade beef cuts from the central aside. You just order at the Kitchen counter, find a spare seat and they will give you the nod when it’s ready. It’s clean and efficient and a bit of fun. The intellectual property rights for Courgette on a jet remain up for grabs.

Limited menu but highly delicious 

The only vegetarian options are sides or nibbles of Jalapeno bombers, onion rings or fries. The menu is limited with only about ten ingredients worked into different variations. Steaks, burgers, and chicken enhanced with the old egg, some cheese and a couple of spice blends. The Philly steak was described as thinly sliced beef with sauteed onions finished with melted cheese served on a bed of chips. The cheeseburger is larger than an average-sized beef patty in a sesame seed bun with more of a bedside table of chips.

What do the people say about the plane?

And since its launch, the Russian airliner has been swamped with customers. Ome of the plane’s biggest fan is five-year-old Mohammad Yusuf Member accompanied by his mother Sam Jiva. “When we first saw it we were amazed- when we heard about it we thought it was just a made-up plane but it is a real plane”. “He just loves it”, Jiva adds, looking at Mohammad Yusuf. “He just says, ‘no mommy I don’t want to go McDonald’s, I just want to eat here.

The restaurant inspires a lot of people especially when they see the transformation from the trailer to here. The spot is still remaining a hide-out for many.