Some Of the Most Memorable British Films Ever

The British film industry has produced some classics over the years. In this piece, we have highlighted some of the best for you to watch in the evenings. Below are some of the most iconic British movies made. 

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Lawrence of Arabia is about a Lieutenant in the British Army called Thomas Edward Lawrence. He became renowned for his effectiveness in fighting in World War I against the Turks during the Ottoman Empire. His character depicts his will and courage to fight on until the end, no matter what. The actor who played the iconic Lawrence is Peter O’Toole, originally born in Ireland but brought up in Leeds, England. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role with the movie winning an Oscar for best picture. 

The movie is over 3 hours long, took over 3 years to film, and was directed by the great David Lean. As it was a film about Arabia, most of the filming took place in the Middle East. The most memorable locations were in the deserts of Jordan and the Arab Council scene at Casino de la Exposición. Parts of the film like the gambling scene were censored in Arabic nations, but with the use of a VPN, Middle Eastern people can watch and gamble themselves. To assist on the latter, there are comparison sites that check for all the best welcome bonuses and in-depth reviews are available on each operator. In addition, advice is given on the legality of playing.

Brief Encounter(1945)

One of the most talked-about tear-jerking movies to this day. It’s not just about romance but how the actors, Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson portrayed their feelings for each other. Beautifully written by the famous author Sir Noel Coward, the story keeps you hooked along the way. She (Johnson) is a bored housewife and while out shopping, unexpectantly strikes up a conversation with a complete stranger (Howard). Before they realise it’s time to leave, they eventually agree to see each other on a weekly basis. They started to fall in love but were torn apart by the thought of hurting their partners. Each encounter tore at their heartstrings, should they keep doing this or stop?

My Left Foot(1989)

The story of Christy Brown, My Left Foot is an Irish and United Kingdom production. Brown was born in Dublin with severe cerebral palsy, and one of 15 children. His family thought he could never become anything because of his disability. Brown was played by Daniel-Day Lewis, who put in a magnificent performance, winning the Academy Award. His life changed when his mother had an accident at home whilst going into labour. It was up to Brown to take initiative and help her even though he was almost helpless himself, as he only had his left foot. Brown was able to control it and managed to write a message for help. From then on, his life changed, children in the street wanted to play with him. His newfound skills inspired him to believe in himself that he can do everyday things but in a different way. This film was so uplifting to watch and leaves you humbled.  

Educating Rita(1983)

Educating Rita is a comedy/drama about a bored housewife in her mid-twenties. Fed up with her job as a hairdresser she starts to think of how she can improve her life. Rita is brilliantly played by Julie Walters, a sharp-tongued Liverpudlian. When she informs her husband, she wants to study literature at a local college he is not happy about it. He just wants her to have children and stay at home. Her Professor, Michael Caine, star of the Batman series is in a rut going through a painful divorce. Their relationship starts quite humorously with Rita becoming a breath of fresh air for him. While both of them are battling with their spouses, they help each other along the way by becoming great friends. Michael starts to admire Rita for her motivation and great spirit to improve her life, as at first, he didn’t take her seriously.