Second Season Details For Showtime’s This American Life

This American Life Showtime Photo

On Sunday, May 4th at 10 p.m. PT/ET, SHOWTIME will premiere the second season of the televised version of Ira Glass’ acclaimed, 13-year-old Chicago Public Radio series THIS AMERICAN LIFE®.  The radio show boasts a 1.7 million weekly listening audience, is heard on more than 500 stations nationally, and is downloaded by more than 400,000 people per week.

The six-episode, half-hour television series, airing each Sunday, follows average people as they give first-person accounts of extraordinary situations in which their lives were forever changed. The result is true stories that are always revealing, surprising, dramatic and emotional, and sometimes even funny.

In the sophomore season of THIS AMERICAN LIFE®, stories range from a young Iraqi's surprising tour across America to answer our questions and challenge perceptions about the war, to a disabled Florida man’s fight for independence, despite insurmountable odds, to two Wisconsin convicts who attempt a Macgyver-esque prison escape using dental floss, to 13-year-old boys training to be stand-up comedians in New York.