Seat42f Q&A Session 9/4/08

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Question From: Gene – Madison, Wisconsin: I loved the two hour season premiere of Bones. Got any scoop on future episodes?

Seat42f: Indeed I do. Zack ( Eric Milligan ) returns to help the team solve a case in sort of a Hannibal Lecter help from psychiatric facility kind of way . Look for Zack on the September 24th episode of Bones.

Question From: Rachel – San Diego, California: I Got to see the IASIP gang at Comic-Con and LOVE them? Any idea what they are up to this year?

Seat42f: I got the chance to screen the HILARIOUS premiere of It’s Always Sunny In PA last week and the gang is as funny as ever. Danny Devito goes all Rambo in the season opener. Speaking of IASIP. If you haven’t seen the new website for Paddy’s Pub click this link¦ Paddy’s Pub Blog

Question From: Juan – Toronto, Canada: Thumbs up or thumbs down for Fringe? I get the feeling I am going to love it or hate it. Am I wrong?

Seat42f: I absolutely loved the pilot. Lost and X-Files comparisons aside it’s hands down the best new show this fall. The humor elements in the pilot caught me off guard and once again a JJ Abrams helmed series is perfectly cast. You are going to love Lance Reddick, Josh Jackson and John Noble and how they shine in this. Anna Torv is tough as nails while still feminine at the same time ( think Kate Austin or Sydney Bristow). The questions raised throughout the first few hours leave countless possibilities for the story to unravel. As long as they stick to the answering questions and bringing up new ones in every episode the series should thrive in the post House timeslot.

Question From: Roxie – Dallas, Texas: Any scoopage on Heroes – Villains? I’m a little worried after those webisodes and a so-so season 2.

Seat42f: I agree, the webisodes were dreadful. As for season 3 – I got a chance to screen the first hour of the new season and while I liked what I saw it REALLY felt like an intermission when the episode ended ( Imagine reviewing half a movie). Not sure why NBC sent out 1 hour of a 2 hour premiere, but I was left with a lot of questions and a tad bit confused on some of what happens in hour one. I can tell you Kristen Bell is nowhere to be seen in the first hour and a face from the past resurfaces. My gut says hour 2 will clear up a lot of what I found confusing in hour one. 

Question From: Lyle – Manchester, UK: Dexter Season 3 SPILL IT!!!

Seat42f: Because I love Dexter so much I’m not going to spoil anything major. However, in the first episode we will meet Jimmy Smits, check out Debra’s new haircut, someone will get a visit from internal affairs and yes.. there is a BIG twist at the end of the episode.


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