Screener Girl Checks Out Samurai Girl

Screener Girl Checks Samurai GirlABC Family’s Samurai Girl Is Harmless Fun

Samurai Girl Cast Photo 

ABC Family’s Samurai Girl is harmless fun.  The cast is likeable, the action and storyline, though mostly predictable, is easy to watch.  I could see myself tuning in on a weekly basis if the network bites and gives it a series order.  

Jamie Chung (Real World: San Diego) stars as Heaven Kogo, a 19 year old girl who heads to San Francisco for an arranged marriage with a businessman’s son and quickly finds her world turned upside down.  It’s revealed that her life and past are linked to an old prophecy (think Alias’ Chosen One prophecy).  She enlists her brother’s friend Jake (played by the beautiful Brendan Fehr of Roswell) and with their new friends Otto and Cheryl, they set out to fight evil ninjas together.  Added bonus for still-skeptical fans: Stacey Keibler shows up in the second part as a mysterious woman from Jake’s past.

The mystery and history are both quite fun and the show is rather charming.  Definitely worth checking it out and if you get some time, check out the popular series of books that the miniseries is based on – easy reads, and they give you more of a background into the characters!

Samurai Girl Premieres Tonight At 8PM EST On ABC Family