Screener Girl Checks Out The Season Premiere Of The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Cast

When we last left our favorite gang of brilliant scientists on CBS‘ The Big Bang Theory, Leonard was in love with Penny, Penny was interested to see where things went with Leonard, Sheldon was still socially oblivious, Raj was still terribly nervous, and Howard was, and will always be, a horny no-luck-with-women kind of guy.

Not much has changed when we meet up with our group in the second season premiere. Leonard and Penny had that first date they talked about in the season finale and it doesn’t go quite how they expected it would. When Penny goes to Sheldon for advice, she spills some secrets that he has trouble holding on to. In an effort to keep her secrets, Sheldon does his best to distance himself from Leonard in one of the funniest sequences in the half hour.

I will say that sometimes they over use the “Sheldon is socially uncomfortable”, “Howard lives with his mother”, “Penny is a dumb blond” stereotypes but for the most part, the cast is still incredibly likeable, and the half hour seems to fly by. Definitely worth checking out tonight and throughout the rest of the season!