Screener Girl Checks Out The Season Premiere Of Private Practice

Private Practice Cast Photo

Private Practice is back and I want to tell you that it has gotten over the awkward first season and become what it always should have been -  a smart drama, with strong characters, brilliant storylines, and some of the best actors of our generation.  I wish I could tell you that.  Instead, I’m left sitting and dreaming up what could have been.

Addison Montgomery was one of the best things about Grey’s Anatomy.  Strong, strong willed, sassy, and brilliant.  She moved south and suddenly, all she thinks about is sex and dating and when the new boy is going to call.  Sure, she’s still a great surgeon, and she even gets back to her roots in this episode, as she is faced with some unethical stuff that was accidentally thrown on her, but it still isn’t how it should be.  Naomi has gotten the practice into a tight spot, and while everyone worries about bonus checks and where they’ll spend them and who they‘ll spend them with, Addison and Sam need to come together to save the practice.

Audra McDonald is a Tony award winner.  Taye Diggs is normally a beacon of light on a crappy show.  Tim frakking Daly is one of the coolest actors of our time.  Amy Brenneman was fantastic on Judging Amy.  Paul Adelstein was my favorite part of Prison Break in the early days.  But now?  They’re just floundering, waiting for the show to find its footing.  Chris Lowell is the only saving grace, and he’s relegated to the background for too much of the show.  On the bright side, Amy Acker turns in an Emmy worthy performance in this episode as a woman who wants to save her son at any cost.  

I want this show to be better.  I think it could be better.  I just wish that everyone involved was firing on all cylinders instead of simply phoning it in.

The Second Season Of Private Practice Kicks Off Wednesday, October 1st at 9:00PM EST On ABC


Photo : ABC