Screener Girl Checks Out The Season Premiere Of Dirty Sexy Money

Dirty Sexy Money Cast Photo


Dirty Sexy Money started off last season as one of my favorite new shows.  Sadly, as the season went along, I got less and less interested, and eventually gave up on watching.  I love Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland, so I thought for sure I’d be hooked.  I vowed to give it another go this fall, and for now, the show makes it back to the “must watch” column.

The season premiere, which deals with Nate’s impending birthday, and various antics of the crazy Darling family, is filled with action and I think it’s some of the best work since the show started.  Nate and Lisa are having problems, she’s off kissing Jeremy, who’s off flirting with new cast member Lucy Liu.  Karen is off sleeping with Simon Elder, but still in love with Nate who almost acts on his apparent love for her, and she ends up stealing something from Simon to give to her father.  Meanwhile, Patrick is off dealing with something rather unethical stuff with Tripp, and Nate gets himself inadvertently involved.  Juliet’s absence is barely noticed, and the end was a nice little cliffhanger that should set the show up for a great season 2. 

The show is on a short leash, because there are a lot of great other shows taking up my TiVo space right now, but so far, it’s got me intrigued, and I’ll come back for another week!

The Second Season Of Dirty Sexy Money Kicks Off Wednesday, October 1st at 10:00PM EST On ABC 
Photo: ABC