Screener Girl Checks Out Sarah Connor Chronicles

Sarah Connor PhotoThis Season Premiere Sets The Stage For A Much More Exciting Season

Screener Girl Checks Out Sarah Connor Chronicles 
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns tonight with their second season premiere.  I don’t think it’s their best effort.  Lots of special effects, and big trucks, and an explosion here or there, but overall, I just wasn’t as excited for this episode as I’d been for the show last season.  Sarah and John look beat down throughout the whole episode and Cameron, bless her non-existent-soul, is a little worse for wear.

The premiere is an hour long fallout from what happened in the finale, with Sarah and John going up against Sarkissian and eventually going on the run from their nearest and dearest robot daughter/sister.  Summer Glau is brilliant in this episode!  Derek and Charley are just along for the ride.  Meanwhile, Ellison is having a tough time recovering from the devastation brought on by Cromartie.  Also meanwhile, there’s a new head of operations in town and she looks and sounds a lot like a certain rock band’s lead singer (Shirley Manson from Garbage joins the cast this season).  Her character is directly involved in the only “oh my gosh” moment I had in the whole show.

All in all, I got the sense that this season premiere sets the stage for a much more exciting season, but it was a lot of groundwork being laid down in the first episode.  I’m not counting the show out for the season – I just hope episodes beyond this one keep me on the edge of my seat.

The Second Season Premiere Of Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Airs Tonight On FOX at 8:00PM EST