Pandora Introduces New Premium Family Plan With “Our Soundtrack” Feature


Pandora (NYSE:P), the largest streaming music service in the U.S., today announced the launch of its Premium Family Plan that provides all the benefits of ad-free, on-demand music with Premium, for up to six people under one billing account for just $14.99 a month. To go along with this new subscription plan, Pandora is launching the “Our Soundtrack” feature – an auto-generated personalized shared playlist, updated weekly, for each Premium Family Plan.

Each listener in the plan will have their own Pandora Premium account, with the ability to listen simultaneously. The plan is open to new and existing Pandora listeners, with existing listener behavior and all collected music (stations, playlists, etc.) automatically transferred over to the new plan.

“The Premium Family Plan creates a major opportunity for Pandora to gain new subscribers by giving listeners new ways to enjoy music with the people they love at an affordable price point,” said Roger Lynch, Chief Executive Officer, Pandora. “Music has the power to bring families together, and the new ‘Our Soundtrack’ feature helps that by delivering music the whole family agrees on.”

The new “Our Soundtrack” feature is a personalized group playlist that automatically combines the listening habits of all accounts on the Family Plan, and generates a weekly soundtrack reflecting the songs that everyone can agree on based on their commonalities among their musical tastes. “Our Soundtrack” is the perfect solution to a family listening experience because it has something everyone can enjoy together. This offering builds on our newly launched Personalized Soundtracks feature that utilizes Pandora’s Music Genome Project and advanced machine learning capabilities to deliver curated playlists each week that match a listener’s moods, activities and favorite genres based on listening tastes.

With the introduction of the Premium Family Plan, Pandora broadens its current subscription model and combines the best of its beloved personalized radio and Premium on-demand offering with the benefit of a family listening experience.

The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) is the first strategic brand partner for the launch of Pandora’s new subscription offering, providing customers of their robust portfolio of brands with a 60-day free trial of the Premium Family Plan.


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