NIKITA Season 1 Episode 20 Glass Houses Sneak Peek

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NIKITA Season 1 Episode 20 Glass Houses Preview Clip : NIKITA GETS A GLIMPSE OF WHAT LIFE COULD BE LIKE WITHOUT DIVISION — Frustrated that Nikita (Maggie Q) continues to intercept his black boxes, Percy (Xander Berkeley) sends Michael (Shane West) to check on one of the boxes and the guardian attached to it. Nikita makes it to the small Pennsylvania town first and is shocked to find that the guardian is a normal woman named Dana (guest star Christina Moses) who has abandoned her post and is attempting to live a normal life with her husband and child. Tensions mount when Michael is forced to report Dana’s actions and Division swarms in to clean up any evidence of her existence. Meanwhile, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Jaden (Tiffany Hines) get into an argument and Nathan (guest star Thad Luckinbill) gets caught in the middle. Ralph Hemecker directed the episode written by Kalinda Vazquez (#120).