MR. ROBOT DECODED Premiering Monday On USA Network

This Monday, June 20 at 11:05pm (immediately following WWE Raw), USA Network will premiere MR. ROBOT DECODED (official title: Mr. Robot_dec0d3d.doc), a one-hour special that explores the authenticity and societal impact of MR. ROBOT.

From the dramatic events of season 1 to a details of what’s to come in season 2, MR. ROBOT DECODED features commentary and interviews with MR. ROBOT creator Sam Esmail, along with cast members Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Portia Doubleday, and Carly Chaikin.

Additionally, high-profile experts, writers, journalists and filmmakers will discuss and attempt to answer the question: Can hackers change the world? And, more important – should they?  Interviewees include:

  • Jeff Moss(also known as “The Dark Tangent”) – Hacker
  • Zachary Levi- Actor
  • Kor Adana– Writer/Technical Consultant for MR. ROBOT
  • Ryan Kazanciyan– Security Expert
  • Lance James- Chief Scientist, Flashpoint
  • Fred Kaplan– Author of Dark Territory: The Secret History Of Cyber War
  • Peiter C. Zatko– Network Security Expert
  • and more…

MR. ROBOT makes its second season premiere on USA Network on Wednesday, July 13 at 10pm.  Viewers can catch up now on all Season 1 episodes of Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime.