Lifetime Releases New Trailer For AN AMISH SIN Starring Kellie Martin

An Amish Sin Lifetime

The Amish world has always fascinated outsiders with its insular community and 18th century lifestyle that shuns the temptations of modernity. But all is not as wholesome as it seems. Inspired by true stories, Amish Sin follows Rachel (Dylan Ratzlaff), an Amish teen who refuses to obey her parent’s command that she marry the man who abused her as a child.

When she attempts to run away, she is caught and sent to a “rehab” for Amish girls who don’t follow the rules. Managing to escape from the facility, she makes her way to a neighboring city where she has to learn to live – and find her place — in our world. Also stars Kellie Martin as Rachel’s mother Sara and Rukiya Bernard as Grace, who befriends Rachel when she leaves the Amish community.

An Amish Sin is produced for Lifetime by Amish Productions, Inc. in association with Johnson Production Group.  Ilene Kahn Power (Gone Mom: The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, Gia) is the executive producer.  Teleplay by Barbara Nance (Crossing Jordan, The X-Files) and Michael Nankin. Story by Barbara Nance. Michael Nankin (The Good Lord Bird, Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer) is the director.

Beyond The Headlines: An Amish Sin talks to real women who have left the Amish sect, discussing the challenges they faced as part of the community, how they got out and what their lives are like today.  We also consult an expert on the role of women in the Amish community both past and present.

An Amish Sin Trailer

An Amish Sin Trailer


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