Lifetime Greenlights Four New Ripped From The Headlines Movies Featuring Cybill Shepherd, Jennifer Grey, Jaime King And Others

Lifetime announces the greenlight and casting of four new Ripped from the Headlines movies: How to Murder Your Husband, starring Golden Globe winner and Emmy® nominee Cybill Shepherd (The Client List) and Daytime Emmy® Nominee Steve Guttenberg (Ballers, Diner) premiering on Saturday, January 14 at 8p/7c; Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias, starring Celinda Sinden, following the convict and the havoc she wreaked while in prison is premiering Saturday, January 21 at 8p/7c; Sherri Papini: I Kidnapped Myself starring Jaime King (Happy Camper) premiering Saturday, January 28 at 8p/7c; and concluding with Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation, starring Golden Globe nominee, Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing)premiering Saturday, February 4 at 8p/7c. The films focus on these notorious women who fanned the flames of news headlines with their behavior. 

PremieresSaturday, January 14 at 8/7c

Shepherd is set to star as Nancy Crampton-Brophy, a romance-thriller novelist and author of the essay How to Murder Your Husband, who was convicted of killing her husband, Daniel, played by Steve Guttenberg.  This marks Shepherd’s return to Lifetime, having previously starred in The Client List andguest starred on Drop Dead Diva.

Based on a true story, Nancy Crampton-Brophy (Shepherd), seemed to have a knack for writing about murder. The Portland-based romance-thriller novelist authored books about relationships that were tumultuous, while using seductive men on the covers to lure in her readers. Often, her books featured women protagonists who fantasized about killing their own husbands or fleeing their husbands and faking their own deaths.  And then, in 2022 in a shocking turn of events, Brophy was convicted of killing her own husband. 

How to Murder Your Husband is produced by Front Street Pictures and is being distributed by Sony Pictures Television. Judith Verno through Peace Out Productions serves as executive producer. Stephen Tolkin directs from a script which he penned.

Premieres Saturday, January 21 at 8/7c

In this follow-up to one of Lifetime’s most successful true crime movies, Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret, we will see a whole new side of the infamous murderess and the story that has captivated the world for nearly a decade.  Celinda Sinden stars in the new movie, Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias as Jodi, who has just been arrested and sent to prison while she awaits trial for murdering her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.  When she arrived in jail, Jodi charms her way through prison and befriends a couple, Donavan Bering and Tracy Brown. The three inmates became inseparable, Donovan and Tracy doing anything and everything Jodi asked — even letting the murderess tattoo her name on one of them.  Donovan was released from prison as Jodi’s trial drew near and agreed to be Jodi’s mouthpiece, posting on her social pages and defending her friend to the world. But when the details of the case and Jodi’s story were no longer adding up and Donovan refused to continue to do her former friend’s bidding, Jodi’s vengeful side emerged.

Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias is produced for Lifetime by Cineflix Productions. Jeff Vanderwal (Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVeyI Was Lorena Bobbitt), J.C. Mills (Desperate Souls, Dark City and the Legend of Midnight CowboySummer Qamp), Sherri Rufh (Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey, I Was Lorena Bobbitt), Peter Emerson (Tehran, Reginald the Vampire), Andy Streitfeld, and Kim Clemons are the executive producers. Kim Barker (License to WedAll About Steve) wrote the script in which Rama Rau (Honey BeeLeague of Exotique Dancers) directed.  Tracy Brown and Donovan Bering serve as consultants on the movie.

Premieres Saturday, January 28 at 8/7c

Jaime King stars as Sherri Papini in the film about the nation-wide, shocking story of a young mother of two, who disappears while jogging near her home, leading to national headlines as concerned citizens searched for her whereabouts. When she reappeared three weeks later on Thanksgiving Day, Sherri claimed she was abducted by two Hispanic women who chained and repeatedly abused her. While Sherri’s return was celebrated, the state never stopped searching for her kidnappers. Four years later, Sherri’s world came crashing down as evidence revealed her kidnapping was all a hoax perpetrated by Sherri herself to spend time with her ex-boyfriend. Sherri was arrested and ultimately sentenced to 18 months in prison for lying to federal agents, creating hysteria in the community and wasting police time and funding with her nearly successful, elaborate scheme. Matt Hamilton (Girl in Room 13) stars as Sherri’s devoted husband, Keith.

Jaime King made her debut in Daniel Waters’ Happy Campers, which premiered at The Sundance Film Festival. Some of her film credits include Blow, Pearl Harbor, White Chicks, Sin City, Two for the Money and The Spirit, to name a few. She was a series regular on show Hart of Dixie for four seasons and can currently be seen in the critically acclaimed series, Black Summer on Netflix and Out of Death on Hulu.

Sherri Papini: I Kidnapped Myself written by Katie Boland is executive produced by Tim Johnson, Stacy Mandelberg and Jocelyn Freid and directed by Marta Borowski. 

Premieres Saturday, February 4 at 8/7c

Jennifer Grey stars as the controversial religious leader and Christian diet guru who positioned herself as God’s prophet and preached the virtues of being thin in the new Lifetime original movie, Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation.As the founder of the Tennessee-based Remnant Fellowship Church and the Weigh Down Workshop – a massively successful Christian-based diet program that preached the virtue of a slim waist and the power of prayer for weight loss – Gwen Shamblin Lara was a rare woman to lead a Southern megachurch. As her church grew across the nation, so did her iron-fisted grip as its leader—accumulating power and money, while creating a larger-than-life public persona with dramatically teased and towering hair.  At the peak of her power and influence, Gwen demanded that church members alienate themselves from anyone who was not a member, banished those that became overweight, threatened legal action against dissenters, and advocated for strict punishment of those who failed to follow church tenets. But Gwen’s reign suddenly came to a tragic end in May 2021, when the plane that her husband Joe was flying crashed shortly after takeoff, killing Gwen, Joe, their son-in-law, and four other Church leaders.

Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation is produced by Muse Entertainment production for Lifetime and is executive produced by Nancy Bennett and Jesse Prupas. John L’Ecuyer directs from a script by Gregory Small and Richard Blaney. Muse Distribution International handles foreign sales.

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