Laws Regarding Online Gambling In Australia You Need To Know

Much like other games, trends, and institutions, gambling doesn’t ever go away – it simply changes with the times. 

While there is nothing that can replace the feeling of actually being in a casino, with the music, lights, and swanky rooms, the rise of Online Gambling means that players can enjoy some of their favorite games and pastimes from the comfort of their own homes. 

The online nature of these games means people can compete against players from around the world in real-time, and make connections with other enthusiasts. 

However, much like traditional gambling, there are stringent regulations in place to ensure the safety of all players and to make sure that only those old enough are accessing the platforms. 

In Australia, Gambling is licensed at a State/Territory level, as well as at the Federal level, meaning there is no overarching gambling authority. This can be a confusing landscape to navigate, so we’ve collected together the important information you need to be aware of to stay safe and continue having fun gambling where you are.

Licensed Gambling Operators 

When people visit Gamble Online Australia, they are in the hands of strict regulations, which are principally from the Federal level with amendments made at the State level.

Rather than particular gambling vendors being available on a nationwide basis, online gambling is heavily restricted and instead licensed by states on a company-by-company basis, meaning you may have access to different providers depending on where you are.

The government says this is to target operators – there is no law to prevent Australian people from placing bets online with offshore vendors.

Thankfully, the Australian Media and Communications authority provides an extensive list of companies that are licensed to offer wagering services in Australia, detailing which State body has provided the license and listing the state in question.

The risks of using Unlicensed Operators 

While the emphasis for players is always on having fun, Australia has regulations in place to protect consumers from fraudulent and unlicensed operators who are acting to ruin that fun for the players.

When using licensed operators, you can be sure that you won’t encounter issues when trying to access funds deposited to the site. Unlicensed operators can prevent you from withdrawing and move their operations overseas where there is little the government can do to help.

Furthermore, if the site is blocked in Australia due to its unlicensed nature, you may be faced with the same situation.

National Self-Exclusion Register

As part of recent amendments made to the bill in 2019, Australians can now access the National Self-Exclusion Register – a service put in place by the government to provide assistance to those who may have struggled with their access to gambling in the past. 

In another law with a focus on consumer safety, consumers can opt-out of licensed gambling services for a predetermined amount of time. This means that when games stop being fun, there are safety mechanisms in place to help should people need them.