Innovations In Vaping Technology

What is innovation?

According to the Austrian economist Josef Schumpeter, the main driver of development is entrepreneurs, who, unlike capitalists, are not always just business owners, but rather creative managers. But innovation is what, according to the before-mentioned scientist, entrepreneurs are able to succeed.

According to the Austrian scientist, innovations concern not only the modification or creation of a new product, but also the method of production, the discovery of new sources of raw materials, and the opening of new markets.

An entrepreneur who wants to innovate must overcome the lack of information and conditions of greater uncertainty, they must be fighting and then overcome the resistance of their mental and social schemes, and they must overcome legal and political obstacles and social disapproval.

How to understand that vaping is not standing still?

The forerunner of modern vapes is the electronic cigarette (cig-a-like) invented by Hon Lik as an anti-smoking agent. It was put into series production around 2006. It took less than 10 years to change the purpose of this product. Already in 2012, there existed a weed vape pen on the market. Obviously, that was not the best weed vape pen that we have today, which is also evidence of the rapid pace of innovation, as well as evidence that the world of e-cigarettes is a wide field of opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. From the above, we understand that innovation and vaping are almost synonymous at present.

What innovations does vaping use?

Innovation is not entirely new. Often innovation can be represented as a new combination of long-known products, or by improving the production of one product by using methods of production of other products, or by using brand new innovation in areas where for one reason or another it has not yet been mastered.

The e-cigarette itself emerged as an innovation of inhalation devices, a change in the purpose and modification of the inhalers themselves. However, vaping as such has given such a strong impetus to the development of its cartridges that the e-cigarette has become the focus of doctors’ discussions about the benefits of different types of dry herb vaporizer pens (, rather than inhalers and liquids.

Today, the e-cigarette is not always in opposition to traditional (analog) cigarettes. Modern vapes sometimes play the role of an improved regular cigarette. For instance, they heat substances by releasing nicotine instead of burning them, which is ultimately less harmful to the consumer if we consider tars and other products of burning. And this, in fact, is also an innovation, because it improves the usual product, leaving the desired effect, reducing side and undesirable consequences.

Thanks to the innovative use of such a well-known product as the sub-coil, e-cigarettes have been able to quickly heat thicker liquids, which extended the autonomy of the product and also allowed the introduction of new combinations of cartridge refills. Also, innovations in the world of vaping always affect the renewal of batteries, thanks to which in 2006 it became possible to make autonomous even a dry herb vape pen.

Another innovation of the vape industry is the combination of two inventions, namely vaping and programming (even AI sometimes). As of today, the smoking process is no longer something you cannot control. Modern vapes connect to smartphones, which allows the consumer to use data on the use of the device, and accordingly allows you to monitor various indicators, and, as a result, see the statistics of these indicators and, if necessary, influence them by reducing smoking, or nicotine or other substances, which are addictive and adversely affect health.

What innovations does vaping introduce to the world? In addition to controlling through their own gadgets, vapers today can control the device using voice commands. Obviously, this kind of advantage can never be reflected in the size of the product, the ability to voice commands can support slightly more massive devices. Accordingly, vapers decide which is more important for them – to control the device through voice commands, or to control manually but much smaller and lighter device. This happens because a device needs special hardware to be able to process the speech commands.

All these innovations are not a fiction that strangely came to the mind of a scientist, but rather an organic response to the demands and needs of the market. This is evidenced by the fact that despite all the bans in the states, the income of the vape industry is growing steadily. With inventions in response to state bans, vaping is becoming less harmful and more popular.


All in all, though vaping technologies are quite advanced it does not mean that it can be a completely safe technology. We can admire the innovations that are used for vaping but it would never mean that all the possible harms are eliminated. To begin with, any type of vaping device can still contain harmful elements of the liquids vaporized. Firstly, nicotine is an extremely addictive substance. Hence, vaping pens for nicotine-containing liquids can make a person hooked on this drug.

Secondly, a dry herb vaporizer pen can also be dangerous if it uses dried marijuana leaves. Surely, marijuana is not as addictive as, say heroin, however, it still is a drug that can make you high and addicted. What is more, cannabis is illegal in most places over the world. You should not mistake it for medical marijuana which is getting legal in more and more countries and can help the sick to improve their situation with epilepsy or other severe illnesses.

Thirdly, nicotine-free e liquids can also contain hazardous chemicals, which can cause plenty of health issues. Mainly, they are connected to the respiratory system but sometimes they can also harm other body systems. The outcomes are usually unpredictable. Heating temperatures remain the main problem for all types of substances used for vaping pens. Moreover, some modern advances allow turning the burning temperature even higher, which can cause certain damage to the vaper.