How To Write A Movie Critique Like A Pro?

Many students love writing movie critiques. This assignment is never tedious or boring – it requires you to watch a movie first and then share your opinion about it in writing.

However, the task is more difficult than it seems. You need to abstain from your personal impressions and be critical in a professional way. That means you need to discuss movie characters and elements rather than just share your emotions.

However, don’t be scared. Even if the task seems difficult, you can handle it. There is always help available, and you just need to address a professional dissertation writing service to get advice.

Additionally, we offer a list of the top recommendations of what you should do to make your movie critique worth reading. Let’s get started!

Take Notes

When watching a movie, you need to stay mindful. You need to be aware of recording all plot changes, details, and effects that make this movie unique. If you have forgotten to take notes along the way, it would be very difficult to develop a structure for your critique and fill it with relevant content. Thus, make sure you have an opportunity to record what’s important while watching a movie.

Create an Outline

Before you start working on any writing assignment, create an outline. Whatever it is – an essay writing service review or a movie critique – you need to start by building a skeleton of your work. It will be a lot easier to write if you know what to write exactly. If you don’t have an outline, you are likely to get lost in your thoughts and write a wordy, redundant paper.


Before you get to writing, you should research the movie you are going to critique. A good idea would be to learn about the director, cast, plot, and the team working on it. It’s also worth studying the circumstances and environment where it was shot. If the movie is based on a book or a real story, you should start by reading or finding out more about it.

Keep Your Emotions Away

Sometimes you like the movie you watch, and sometimes you don’t. When you work on a movie critique, you should leave these emotions behind. Your analysis should be neutral. You have to evaluate events, characters, and storylines as objectively as possible. Do not make your prejudice or admiration affect your critique too much.

Add Examples

When you discuss an element, event, or character from the movie, use examples to strengthen your ideas. Such simple things make your critique more accurate. People who have already watched it can understand immediately what episode you are referring to.

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How To Write A Movie Critique Like A Pro? 3


Writing a movie critique is one of the most popular academic assignments. Many students are happy about it before they get to writing. They suddenly realize that they have to be objective and less personal when working on it. That’s why knowing a few tips is so important if you want your critique to excel.