High School Experiences: 5 Greatest Movies Of All Time

The Breakfast Club Movie

High school is a complex, sometimes terrifying, but definitely exciting period of every person’s life. We all have been there and remember what it feels like to be a high schooler—no wonder this exciting experience is often featured in movies.

Throughout the decades, there have been hundreds of films about high school. Some were pretty lame, whereas others were okay. And then, there also have been great high school movies that turned into real classics. In this article, a professional writer from DoMyEssay, a reputable writing service to go to when you need an expert to write my personal statement, is going to talk about the greatest high school films of all time. Let’s dive in!

  1. Clueless

Released in 1995, Clueless is one of the good old high school classics. This film offers a slightly different, but no less exciting, look at the famous Jane Austen’s novel. It takes the viewers into the whirl of teenage life. The main character Cher, played by Alicia Silverstone, is a rich and privileged high school girl from Beverly Hills. Cher often match-makes her friends and even teachers, which sometimes leads to unexpected and fun outcomes. And, of course, she is pursuing her own love too.

This movie is hilarious and inspiring. It has always been one of the teens’ and adults’ favorite films about high school. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely should!

  1. Carrie

If you are a fan of thrillers, the next high school movie you must watch is Carrie (1976) – a classic adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. It tells the story of a high school outcast facing lots of bullying in her daily life. The story sounds pretty typical if there wasn’t one significant difference – Carrie has telekinetic abilities, and when she gets tired of being bullied, she takes her revenge.

Although it’s pretty old, Carrie is one of the best films about high school of all time. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is so good that it deserves you to put your homework aside for it. So, check out Essay Hub reviews now to find yourself a reliable academic helper and plan your perfect movie night for right now.

  1. The Breakfast Club

Another eternal classic is the 1985’s movie The Breakfast Club. This film has everything a perfect high school movie should have – it shows teenage challenges, friendships, and relationships, and it’s pretty funny too. It tells a story of a group of very not-alike students who meet in the detention class and become friends.

The Breakfast Club is a very old-fashioned movie. The way it shows the high school has not much to do with what high schools are today. But that’s probably one of the best things about this film – being so old-fashioned, it creates a unique atmosphere that you won’t find in any other similar film. So, be sure to give it a go!

  1. Easy A

Although it may seem like not the most obvious pick to follow after such classic films as The Breakfast Club, Easy A is still among the best high school movies of all time. Released in 2010, this film offers a look at The Scarlet Letter novel from the high school’s perspective. It tells how easy it can be to get labeled for something in school, even if you haven’t done it.

There are many reasons to see Easy A. From an excellent cast to an exciting, hilarious, and twisted plot – it has a lot to offer viewers. And most importantly, this film provides you with plenty of valuable insights about life in high school and beyond.

  1. Mean Girls

The next movie on our list was released in 2004 and is also considered a real classic among high school movies. It is hard to imagine that there is someone who has never seen Mean Girls. This film is a classic representation of what American schools used to look like not so long ago when most newcomers had to deal with popular and mean kids and learn how to survive in a complex social system in a high school.

Mean Girls was a blast when it was just released, and it’s so good that many generations of teens watched and still continue to watch it. It is inspiring, surprising, hilarious, and has everything else you want to see in a high school movie.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the greatest films about high school ever made. Each of these is worth watching at least once in your life, so be sure to have them on your must-watch list!