How To Use Technology To Increase Productivity In Your Business

As helpful and perhaps even as essential as they are, new technologies can feel highly intimidating. This is particularly true if your business has been functioning nicely without whatever this new tech is, but everything you’ve seen and read says it would operate even better – and generate more money – if you adopted cutting-edge technology. Upsetting the current quo should not be taken lightly, and it can be a concern as to whether you want to move forward with technological changes or stick with what you know. 

However, if those reports are correct and the technology you are contemplating might save your company money, make it more efficient, or even enable it to generate more money – if it could make your company and its people more productive – then it seems wrong not to utilize it. You just need to understand how to use it and what will work for you. So how can you know that some new piece of technology will make your team more productive? VPN stands for virtual private network. Read on to find out.

It Will Give Them More Information 

Your staff should have access to as much information as possible in order to be as productive as possible. Using technology can often help to achieve this, and work will become much more efficient when the new tech is in place. The knowledge you need your staff to know must be kept somewhere, which is where the first piece of technology comes in; you can use the cloud.

When you use the cloud to store your data, you have a lot more capacity to keep it safe, and you can guarantee that it is completely secure; only the individuals you authorize access to can access the information you save there. By offering your team the most up-to-date cyber security awareness training, you can rest assured they will understand why this is so important, and their productivity levels will rise. 

Installing a VPN (virtual private network) is another approach to ensure your team has access to all of the information they need while being productive. This keeps everything safe, but it also means that people can work from anywhere, even their own house, as long as they can log in. Employees who work from home can be more productive with this tech, yet this can vary depending on the conditions.

You Won’t Have Losses

As previously said, the cloud is a wonderful resource for securely storing your data and documents. If anything goes wrong (such as a cyber attack or a computer malfunction), you can still readily restore your data and avoid downtime, allowing your staff to continue to be productive.

Another option is to backup your data on a regular basis to an external hard disc. The important thing to remember here is that you must remove the drive from the premises each night. It would be a catastrophe if you left it there and something went wrong. If there is a break-in, a fire, or anything else that causes property damage, both the backup and the original would be lost.

Always Be Present

Not long ago, you could leave work at the end of the day and not have to deal with it again until the following morning. Customers now want you to be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week in certain circumstances. Technology can offer the appearance that this is the case without the need to hire someone to cover late shifts. This not only saves your company money, but it also eliminates the need for workers to work overtime and maybe be less productive than they would be working regular hours.

When you’re not accessible, you can set up your emails and social media accounts to send an ‘out of office’ email. This automated message should simply thank the customer for contacting you and inform them that you will get back to them as soon as possible. Although the question has not been addressed, the client will be relieved to know that they are not being neglected.

Other possibilities include machine learning software. You could, for example, install a chatbot to help your company. This kind of machine learning technology (also known as artificial intelligence) can provide aid and assistance to your customers, allowing your whole organization to function more efficiently. Simple queries can be addressed without tying up any of your workers, and you can be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Collaborate As A Group

Installing the correct technology in your organization can also help your staff operate better as a team, which will undoubtedly enhance productivity. If everyone works together instead of doing their own thing, they will be able to generate a more coherent and efficient overall final result. If everyone works alone, the final product may not fit together (literally in some cases).

Because of advances in technology, this is achievable even if your staff is spread across the world. To keep everyone in regular communication with one another, you can utilize Microsoft Teams, G-Suite, Slack, or a variety of other websites and tools. This can be used effectively when everyone is working remotely, but you can also use it while everyone is in the same office.

Those who are hesitant to speak out in a face-to-face setting can use this technology to get their thoughts through, allowing every member of the team to be part of any discussion. The outcomes will be better, and the team will be more productive.

Enhance Your Customer Service

Customers are the lifeblood of your company, and as such, they must be properly cared for. The last thing you want to do is annoy customers when they contact you, and one of the easiest ways to do so is when they call your company and the person they talk with doesn’t know who they are or what they want.

Using CRM software is one way to address this. This allows you to capture all of your clients’ data in one place, from their contact information to notes made when they call or email. Everyone who interacts with the client will have all of the notes in front of them, and there will be no hesitations or delays. When you enhance your customer service in this manner, the client will be pleased, and their question will be handled much more efficiently.