How To Improve Writing Skills To Complete Your Business Course

A business school is not a joke. You have to take it with responsibility and seriousness. You have to learn the sphere of study you have chosen as your future profession, as well as additional skills, such as business writing, public speaking, and others. If you have to write a business-related text, one day is not enough to accomplish this type of study. If you are limited in time, you can always find an expert writing company from which you can buy essay cheap and fast. However, if you want to master your writing skills and do it yourself, you might find our recommendations on how to write in an official way faster than usual helpful. To write fast requires a lot of training, experience, and a decent plan. If you are limited in time to practice your writing skills, read our detailed guidance below. 

Discover the fastest way to write a business-related text? 

We would like to present to you the best recommendations on how to master business writing style faster. A list of writing tips will help you accomplish this challenging task without any stress. You can apply these tips to any kind of academic and official writing. Before we begin, we want to point out that the key to fast-written text is well-thought planning, set timeframes, and sticking to the main points.

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Time Management 

First of all, you have to understand how much you have to make your text or official letter ready to be submitted at your business school. Let’s say, for example, you have half an hour, so you have to spare 10 minutes to write the outline, 15 minutes to compose the body of your text, and around 5 minutes for proofreading, editing, and final revision. Your available time should be redistributed according to our formula. Always keep ⅕ of your time on text structuring, and ½ on shaping the text body. Revision should be done attentively at the end of your job.

Read Carefully And Try to Answer The Core Question

It is one of the most essential steps. Before you start writing, you must be sure that you understand the main question from the beginning. By doing this, you will not have to come back to it and will be fully focused on writing your answer. You should keep a quick answer in your head all the time. It will help you generate a lot of ideas of what you write about. If you lack inspiration, just write down the thoughts that come to mind first, and select the ones that match the best.

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Use online tools

Modern technology allows future entrepreneurs not only to save time while accomplishing academic assignments but to use easy ways students can go green. When you write a draft, avoid using tons of paper. An electronic document is way more convenient and better for our environment.

Do Your Research to the Point

Usually, business people have to do research to write a professional-looking text, business letter, or any other official document. Do not skip this step even if you are limited in time. You have to focus on the most relevant information. You goal is to find the key concepts which will be included in your essay. Keep in mind that you do not have much time to finish your text, so be brief in your research.

Devote 20% of Time to Write the Outline

We recommend you to start with breaking the text into 5 paragraphs, which include the introduction and conclusion. Make sure that every paragraph contains the main point, evidence, summary, and a smooth transition to the next paragraph. Your entry must include a thesis statement. The key sentences of all paragraphs must be connected with the thesis statement. Specify the key sentences for all paragraphs. Do your best to compose strong, informative, and precise sentences. Pay attention to every work you write to minimize the time for editing.

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Make a solid Introduction and Conclusion

You must write a quote or a relevant anecdote for your thesis statement. It is a nice idea to include statistical information if it fits the topic. Also, pay attention to smooth transitions. Your conclusion is supposed to re-summarize the thesis statement and provide evidence.

Devote 40% of Time to Write the Rest of Your Text

Now it is time to include various supportive statements or prove your key points. Make sure that you summarize all paragraphs and connect them together. Do not get surprised but it is the main step of your business style writing. However, do not spend more than 40% of your time.

Pay Attention to Proper Revision

Always keep some time to proofread and correct your final draft. You have to check the following: the general structure, thesis statement, as well as the core sentences in all paragraphs. Make sure that the text sounds professional, serious, and logical. Correct all errors or typos by using online looks like Grammarly or similar apps.


Now you will face no problems to accomplish writing tasks in your business school. All your proposals will look perfect and ready to be taken seriously by future clients and business partners. Try our tricks to be sure that it is possible to write an excellent text fast. Do not ignore the steps if you do not want to waste your time. Hopefully, our recommendations will help you spare some of your precious time during your business projects.