How To Have An Entertaining Day Off Together

man and woman looking at laptop

It isn’t often you get a day off together as a working couple. So it makes these days even more special since you may just want to spend time doing fun stuff. You might think you need to spend money, but a good day includes just relaxing in bed and treating yourself to a home spa.

Streaming and Chilling

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to spend time together is to watch your favorite TV shows or a few movies. When you don’t have the energy to go outside and face the world, getting comfy and flicking through some premium channels snuggled up together can be just what you need to recharge and unwind. Of course, you also need to make sure you get everything you need, such as snacks, so you can move as little as possible for a whole day.

Enjoy a Day Off Together in Bed

Staying in bed can be wonderful on the right day. And staying in bed with the one you love can be extremely rewarding. Of course, there is, well, that. But you can also make like John and Yoko and just chill without a care in the world. Stay asleep for a couple of hours more, stream some TV shows to a portable device, and make space for getting comfy with the dog. If you have nothing that needs to be done, a day in bed like this will rest your tired muscles and mind.

Get Out with the Dog

Speaking of the dog, getting out for a few hours as a couple with a furry friend helps you make the most of the day. Walking the dog to a local park costs nothing. And you get some exercise and take in some sun rays while you are at it. You can make a park trip even better with your dog’s favorite toys. And you can also take the chance to indulge in a preferred hobby, such as brushing up on your photography skills at the same time if you can get the dog to stay still.

Some Cheap Suggestions

Staying in bed or lounging around isn’t for everyone. And you can do that any day off, really. So how about getting off your behind and making the most of a day out for not much money?

  • Take a trip to your local city center and take in attractions such as museums.
  • Grab some train tickets and venture out somewhere you have never been.
  • Look online for snap deals on local amusement parks and other attractions.
  • Plan a trip, such as walking a nearby coastline or visiting a national park for the day.
  • Take up a new hobby you can do as a couple, such as artisanal crafting classes.

A great day off doesn’t have to cost much, and there are often tons of things you can do right on your doorstep. Just try Googling “cheap things to do near me,” and you will be surprised.

Play Some Video Games

While it has been discovered that about 40% of couples argue when playing Call of Duty, other research suggests that almost 70% of couples who play games together are more likely to last in their relationship. Gaming is massively popular today and is a great alternative to watching TV or movies. Games can immerse you in something unique, and multiplayer games are great ways to bond, from MMORPGs to playing retro video games such as the Super Nintendo.

Pamper Each Other on a Day Off Together

If you really want to chill and relax on your day off, then it doesn’t get much better than taking care of each other. Grooming, pampering, and relaxation are highly beneficial for resetting your body and mind. Some activities include foot, hand, and back massage, dying, washing and cutting hair, and just sitting back with a face mask and a glass of wine. None of these are particularly expensive, but they can make you feel like a millionaire at the end of the day.

Get the Small Jobs Done

Not everyone likes to sit still, and you might be the kind of person who has things on your mind. Keeping your home in check is often one of these, and smaller jobs can get away from you if you leave them for a while. So, when there are two of you at home on the same day, these days can be good for getting the little things done. For example, get the vacuuming, dusting, and laundry done. Or even get to some DIY repair jobs like painting and minor repair jobs together.


A day off together can be a great thing if you are lucky enough to have one. Perhaps streaming TV for 12 hours is your favorite thing to do together. Or you can take the day to get outside and take in some local culture. Then again, maybe there are some home jobs that need to be done.