H2 Summer 2014 Programming


Kicking off the summer, H2 will continue its ongoing commitment to original programming with two brand new series and three returning series, it was announced today by Paul Cabana, Senior Vice President, Head of Programming, H2.

“We’re doubling down on smart programming,” said Cabana, “with even more series that reveal core history in surprising ways.”

H2 has nearly doubled its ratings since it was rebranded in 2011 and remains the #1 emerging network in ad-supported cable. Year to date, the network is up 99% in total viewers (376,000 vs. 189,000), up 92% in adults 25-54 (161,000 vs. 84,000) and up 93% in adults 18-49 (131,000 vs. 68,000) versus third quarter 2011 (the last quarter before the rebrand). Keeping the momentum going into the summer, H2’s newest slate of premieres includes:


United Stuff of America – premieres Saturday, June 14 at 10PM ET/PT

What does a farmer’s seed planter have to do with making America a superpower?  How did an X-Ray machine give Teddy Roosevelt the keys to the White House?  Sometimes the biggest of moments depends on the smallest of details.  Buried in attics, hidden in private collections, and secreted away in rarely seen archives are artifacts, objects, and curiosities that come together to tell the epic story of America.  From the producers of Pawn Stars and featuring Rick Harrison, this series uncovers America’s most fascinating stuff, and the unexpected stories it reveals about us and our most epic and notorious moments.

United Stuff of America is produced by Leftfield Pictures for H2. For Leftfield Pictures, Brent Montgomery, David George and Jordana Hochman serve as executive producers; Scott Miller is co-executive producer. Kristen Burns serves as executive producer for H2.  

Ancient Impossible – premieres Sunday, June 29 at 10PM ET/PT

Warships mightier than an aircraft carrier, bridges bigger than the Golden Gate and monuments more enormous than Mount Rushmore – these were all part of the ancient world.  Now Ancient Impossible reveals how many of our modern world’s technological wonders were actually developed centuries ago.  Viewers will travel through history to reveal a radically different picture of the past – with innovations so far ahead of their time, they’re still in use today. We explore a lost world more like our own than we ever suspected and prove that nothing was Impossible for the Ancients.  

Ancient Impossible is produced by Wild Dream Films for H2. Stuart Clarke serves as executive producer for Wild Dream Films. John Verhoff serves as executive producer for H2.



America’s Secret Slang – premieres Saturdays at 9PM ET/PT

Horse of a Different Color.  Black Sheep.  Wrong Side of the Tracks.  These are common expressions we use every day in America.  But what’s the history behind these phrases?  Find out in the new season of America’s Secret Slang, where in each episode host Zach Selwyn will reveal the hidden history behind our favorite sayings, clichés and oddly sounding words.

America’s Secret Slang is produced by Flight 33 Productions for H2. Louis C. Tarantino and Douglas J. Cohen serve as executive producers for Flight 33. Brian Meere serves as executive producer for H2.

Stan Lee’s Superhumans – premieres Sunday, July 13 at 9PM ET/PT

Stan Lee, co-creator of some of the most iconic super heroes ever including Spiderman, Ironman, The X-Men and Thor is back, for another incredible season of Stan Lee’s Superhumans. This time Stan is searching for real life people who are the embodiment of his comic book creations including a select few with super-strength, no fear, and those able to stretch the boundaries of human ability and endurance.  Each week Stan sends Daniel Browning-Smith, the World’s Most Flexible Man, on a quest across the globe to find and test these individuals to find out if they really are… Superhuman.

Stan Lee’s Superhumans is produced by Off the Fence Productions and Pow! Entertainment for H2.  Allison Bean and Ellen Windemuth serve as executive producers for Off the Fence Productions. Stan Lee and Gill Champion serve as executive producers for Pow! Entertainment. John Verhoff serves as executive producer for H2. 

Ten Things You Don’t Know About – premieres Saturday, August 23 at 10PM ET/PT

According to writer and actor Henry Rollins, to discover the unknown stories from history, you need to look beyond the household textbook.  In this returning series Henry sets out to find 10 Things you don’t know about some of America’s most iconic subjects.  Whether it’s the American Flag, The Revolutionary War, or Thomas Edison, each episode Henry will scour the archives and engage with experts, to bring viewers 10 Things that will leave even the most rabid History fan craving more.

Ten Things You Don’t Know About is produced by Asylum Entertainment for  H2. Steven Michaels, Jonathan Koch, Stuart Chait, Ryann Lauckner and Rebekah Fry serve as executive producers for Asylum Entertainment. Brian Meere serves as executive producer for H2.