GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 4 Episode 6 Easy J Recap

Gossip Girl

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Our girl Jenny is back on the Upper East Side this week. Finally it feels like the old Gossip Girl that I fell in love with back in season one is sort of back. Unfortunately, Jenny won’t be sticking around long so we’ll see if they can maintain the drama without her again.


Our girl Jenny is back on the Upper East Side this week. Finally it feels like the old Gossip Girl that I fell in love with back in season one is sort of back. Unfortunately, Jenny won’t be sticking around long so we’ll see if they can maintain the drama without her again.

The episode begins with Blair having a dream of someone attacking her. In the dream she’s blind and looks to be stuck in the 1960’s. Anyway, she thinks the attacker is Chuck but then it turns out to be a blonde girl attacking her. She doesn’t understand the dream at first but as we know already, it’s a hint at the return of little Jenny Humphrey. Blair finally realizes what the dreams meant when she walks in on Jenny Humphrey at Serena’s. Blair is shocked that Jenny is defying her ban. Jenny says she’s only there for the day to interview with Tim Gunn at Parsons. After some begging Blair gives Jenny a day pass but Jenny has to agree to not come back to Manhattan for the holidays.

The Nate and Juliet storyline finally starts to make some progress this week. Her lies are starting to unravel so fast that even Nate is starting to see through her. Things get interesting when Nate runs into Juliet at the prison when he’s going to visit his dad. She quickly comes up with some lame and clearly bullshit excuse about how she volunteers there. Nate may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but even he knows this isn’t the truth. He later does his research to find out if anyone at the prison has her same last name but comes up empty. He assumes that he must wrong and apologizes to Juliet. Just when we thought he was showing some signs of having common sense and then he blows it. He tells her about his dad being prison which she acts like she doesn’t already know. She is a bit surprised though that he’s at the same prison as Ben.

Gossip Girl

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Serena sleeps with some random guy, but when I say sleep, I mean she actually slept and there was nothing else. That random guy just so happens to end up being her new professor. Didn’t see that coming but totally should have. Hello, Life Unexpected? After class Serena talks to the professor, Colin. They both acknowledge that they have serious feelings about each other and would like to get to know each other better but as his student they can’t do anything about it. He asks Serena if she’ll postpone his class till the next semester so they can see where things go. She agrees and so he asks her to be his date to some ‘bachelor award’ event. It’s some major event that the Manhattan socialites put on to award the hottest bachelors.  Of course, Serena would never pass on the opp to be the arm candy at a Manhattan socialite gathering.

Chuck finds out from Bliar that Little J is back in town so he later pays a visit to the Van Der Woodson house to see her. Dan intercepts him and tells him to leave, so he does but not before he takes Jenny’s fashion portfolio with him. Jenny realizes this later just as she’s leaving to go to her interview with Tim Gunn. Chuck calls and tells her that he’s holding the portfolio and she can pick it up at the Empire. So, J runs over to the Empire and in the process gets followed by Blair’s minions who report her whereabouts back to Blair. Blair goes into war mode. Little J goes to her interview with Tim Gunn and things go incredible until it comes time for Jenny to show off her designs. Her models come out wearing her dresses but with “WHORE” written on them. At this point Tim Gunn practically tosses Jenny out the door himself before she can even attempt to explain.

Jenny talks to Chuck who says he can get Jenny into the Bachelor event thing that night which Tim Gunn is attending so she can get a second chance. So, that night Jenny and the entire Humphey fam attend the event. Serena attends on the arm of Colin, though she bails before the red carpet because she doesn’t want her mom to find out she’s dating her professor. Little does she know that her mom is at the event as well. She finds out pretty fast when she runs into her mom inside. Lily is not pleased when she finds out Serena is with Colin. She ends up pulling a little reverse psychology telling Serena she really doesn’t need an education because she’s pretty and she can clearly get by just on that. It clearly works because Serena walks away in a huff.

Jenny gets her second chance with Tim Gunn. He says he’ll arrange for a second meeting with her but mainly because she’s coming at the recommendation of Chuck. This comes as a surprise to Jenny. Finally she starts to connect the dots and realizes that she’s just the pawn in the war between Chuck and Blair. Just then Blair shows up at the event where she threatens Chuck and Jenny again with going public about Little J losing her v-card to step brother, Chuck. Sick of Blair holding all the power, per usual, Jenny sends the blast to Gossip Girl herself. Within minutes everyone’s phones are dinging with the GG update and Blair stands their humiliated. She claims Jenny is lying to make her look bad. Sure, everyone knows Jenny lost her v-card to Chuck now but at least Blair isn’t holding the power now. Jenny feels on top of the world for a brief moment until Dan brings her back down telling her that he’s disappointed that after just one day she’s already been brought down to Blair’s level. This opens Jenny’s eyes again and she decides to leave NYC. But before she goes Jenny tells Chuck and Blair that she’s done being the pawn in their game and that they better stop warring with each other or it’s going to lead to both their destructions. This ends up hitting a nerve with them. Later, Chuck shows up at Blair door and calls for a truce. Blair shakes Chuck’s hand on the truce and it looks like they both want more but then Blair hurries back into her room.

Colin accepts award for being the hottest Bachelor on the Upper East Side taking the throne over from the new Mr. Ivanka Trump who apparently has held it for many years despite being fugly. The fugly Trump’s are not the only ones to make an appearance, we also get a guest spot from Isaac Mizrahi and of course, Tim Gunn. While Colin is on stage giving his speech the light bulb goes off in Serena’s head and she decides she’s not going to use her looks to get through college, well at least for this episode. She later meets up with Colin again. She’s ready to end things but he wants to continue. He tells her that he’s willing to wait for her until after she’s finished taking his class. In the meantime they will get to know each other very well as teacher and student.

Juliet makes a call to Ben and informs him that Nate’s dad is at the same prison. Next thing you know Nate’s dad is jumped in prison and beaten pretty bad. Nate has no idea that it’s Juliet who is behind this and turns to her for comfort. The lies are catching up to her though and she’s about to have a meltdown. She calls Nate crying and he senses that she’s breaking up with him, he tells her that she’s just like all the rest. This is where things get twisted. Juliet hangs up the phone and then we see she’s at Colin’s place, and not only that but he gives her a paycheck. Wait, what?! Anyone else totally confused? So, what I am gathering is that Colin is in on this game with Juliet and Ben somehow? This whole plot is just too complex for me. If anyone is understanding it better than me, please post in the comments!

Next week, it looks like the drama is finally going to come to a head. I think we’re in for a Blair and Chuck reunion and things will finally unravel with Juliet.