Discovery Channel Bering Sea Gold

Friday, May 1st – 9PM ET/PT – BERING SEA GOLD

The gloves are coming off as the fleet fights for their season goals. Captain Vernon Adkison and Captain Emily Riedel look for last-minute new hires to get them the gold as the summer starts to come to an end. 61 Min. | 14 (L)

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With the stakes greater than ever, it isn’t long before drama hits the Bering Sea.  And for most of these operations, it’s a family affair with guarded secrets and techniques to find the gold.  Back for her second year as captain is 26-year-old Emily Riedel, Alaska’s first and only female dredge owner.  Emily came to Nome, following in the footsteps of her dad Steve (who was fired from his first dredge, failed at ice mining and lost his dredge last summer after it got repossessed). Last winter, Emily floundered as captain pulling in just four ounces of gold and spending a fortune on new, cutting-edge equipment.  Will this be the season that Emily proves that “the best man for the job” is actually a woman?  Meanwhile, Shawn Pomrenke aka “Mr. Gold” and his dad Steve on The Christie Rose are gunning for their first ever 1,000-ounce season.  But they’re keeping a close eye on sophomore skipper Hank Schimschat, whose 80-foot barge proves to be tougher competition than anyone expected.  This year’s summer season crews include:

The Christie Rose:  Shawn Pomrenke and his dad Steve are fixtures in Nome year-round, running their increasingly successful mining company.  Shawn is gunning for 1,000 ounces this summer season.  But can he keep his explosive temper under control?  Or will his battles with his dad about how to run the business be too distracting?

The Eroica:  Now in her second year as Nome’s only female dredge owner, Emily Riedel, also an aspiring opera singer, has a lot to prove.  Last winter, she spent nearly every dollar she had on equipment, finding only a few ounces.  This summer, Emily hopes to find 400 ounces of gold and earn enough money to pay off her debts and save for her big opera ambitions.

The Clark: After a trying winter mining season that resulted in a break-up with mining partner, Zeke Tenhoff is back on his own.  And that’s exactly where he wants to be.  A professional miner for all of his adult life, Zeke is a fearless diver with deep connections in town. Haunted by the suicide of his friend John Bunce and a turbulent relationship with Emily Riedel, Zeke has finally found real love with New Orleans transplant and food truck owner Sarah Dunn, who stood vigilantly by him in his lowest time.  This summer, however, he is ready to put his dark days behind him to prove that his retro-chic dredge will pull in some serious gold.

The Mis Nomer: Glen LaBaron and his perpetually cheerful girlfriend are setting off to strike gold on their own after a nasty split with Zeke Tenhoff.  With the experience, equipment and an ego to do it, Glen has his sight set to prove he’s the best dredger in Nome. But his most pressing concern? Beat Zeke.

Steve’s World:  An ever-aspiring bon vivant with a million stories and zero management skills, Steve Riedel probably shouldn’t be anywhere near a dredge. Steve lives on the edge of town in a compound he affectionately calls “Steve’s World” and is still reeling from the repossession of his beloved dredge from last summer.

The Wild Ranger: After years of disappointment, Vernon Adkison finally struck it big during the previous winter season.  And now he’s back for more.  With access to a rich claim and a crew full of experienced, gold-getters, Vernon has set the mark for the summer season at a whopping 700 ounces. Though he has a volatile relationship with his daughter, Elaine, Vernon has decided to double down, bringing up his youngest daughter, Yvonne, on board. What could possibly go wrong?

The Reaper: Brad Kelly came to Nome from Hawaii to dredge several years ago and in the process fell in love with a local woman.  But new love costs money, and on top of it all, they’re expecting a baby.  Dangerously cheap, Brad takes advantage of his sons’ loyalty to run the ship.  But can he keep this barely working operation afloat?

AU Grabber:  With $600K invested in this mega-dredge, Hank Schimschat has everything on the line. After firing Scott Meisterheim for good last summer, Hank won a wager against the Shawn Pomrenke by delivering a killer haul. Obsessed with the Pomrenke’s, Hank will do whatever it takes to prove his worth and recoup his massive investment.

BERING SEA GOLD reveals the real-life dangers of a job with no typical day at the office.  As each day passes, the ambitious fortune seekers have only one option: find the gold before debt takes hold.