Considering A University Degree? Check Out These Popular Options

University (or college) is a big decision. You want to follow your passion, but you also want to come out of school with a job that will pay the bills. Thankfully, the options are much more diverse now than they ever have been. 

The plethora of options for higher education have allowed people to pursue a passion that can help them achieve financial and personal satisfaction. Deciding on a degree or program can be tough, so here is a list of popular options that are available for your education goals. 

 1. Biology

One of the most popular degrees is also one of the most potentially beneficial. Biology is a good starting program for anyone who may be considering a future in medical school as a doctor. Although the sciences can be tough, they are rewarding. Although biology classes require some extra classroom materials that other programs do not, it is still a popular program. Science can be fun, and it can pay to be a nerd. 

2. Psychology

Psychology programs have some of the highest enrollment rates. The reason for this is that psychology degrees can open up opportunities later in life for teaching jobs, academia jobs, and jobs in the health field. Checking out counseling phoenix az, and you can see what kind of work psychology degrees lead to, and how important therapists/psychiatrists are. Psychiatrists and therapists need a lot of education to become qualified, but psychology degrees are usually where they begin.  

 3. Business

Business degrees are amongst the top programs in terms of popularity. Many people graduate with a degree in this field because it allows for many job opportunities. Large companies or business firms look for business graduates. On the other hand, people use the information they learn in their program to start their own business! 

4. Law

You can apply for, and get accepted into law school with any degree, but having an undergraduate degree in law gives you a leg up on the competition. Law is a very complex field with many specific rules and theories, being prepared for law school or a career as a paralegal, for example, is much easier when you know how the law works through your undergrad. 

 5. Education

Becoming a teacher at the preschool, elementary or high school levels requires a lot of training beforehand. Mainly this is accomplished through education. Degrees in education are popular because many people want to help their communities by becoming teachers. After an undergraduate degree, there is teachers college, but degrees in education still open up many more possibilities. 


Deciding on a degree to pursue in university or college is a huge life decision. You want to be able to follow a passion and make money. There are a lot of people who jump into higher education without thinking about what they truly want to pursue. Some of the most popular fields of study like; biology, psychology, business, law and education, can offer the best of both worlds. They are enriching areas of study that also hold the potential for a happy financial future.