Californication Season 1 Episode Guide


Californication Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 – Pilot – Original Air Date – 08/13/2007

A one-night-stand causes Hank Moody to be late in meeting twelve-year-old daughter Becca at home, much to the disgust of ex-girlfriend Karen. Then, a romp with a hot bookstore shopper will upend Hank's life in ways he could never imagine. After Becca sneaks out to a party, Hank and Karen go in search of their daughter. Later, Hank and Karen have a heart-to-heart where he admits he wants her back, but she reveals she's engaged and moving on.

Directed By : Stephen Hopkins
Written By : Tom Kapinos

Musical Artists Featured In The Pilot:

The Rolling Stones   You Can't Always Get What You Want
Quantic Soul Orchestra Pushin' On
Ive Mendes A Beira Mar
Peeping Tom                                  Mojo
My Morning Jacket Rocket Man

Episode 2 – Hell-A Woman – Original Air Date – 08/20/2007

After receiving encouragement from all sides, Hank starts his blogging gig at Hell-A Magazine. Plus, under the guise of inviting Hank to family dinner at her and Bill's (Damian Young) house, Karen sets up Hank with her friend Sonja (Paula Marshall). At dinner, Becca reveals how Hank met Karen.

Directed By : Stephen Hopkins
Written By : Tom Kapinos

Episode 3 – The Whore Of Babylon – Original Air Date – 08/27/2007 

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Hank’s book signing is interrupted when Todd Carr, the director of "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love," arrives screaming about character defamation – Hank has blamed him in print and elsewhere for the failure of the novel-to-film adaptation. The two fight, Hank is arrested and Bill arrives with bail and a plea for Hank to continue the blogging job for the sake of the family.

Directed By : Stephen Hopkins
Written By : Tom Kapinos

Episode 4 – Fear And Loathing At The Fundraiser – Original Air Date – 09/03/2007 

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In a bid to spark more than a vertical relationship with Hank, Meredith convinces him to escort her to an environmental fundraiser. Before the event, Hank stops off at Karen's to deliver a gift for Becca and learns Karen is off coincidentally to the same function.

Directed By : Michael Lembeck
Written By : Daisy Gardner

Episode 5 – LOL – Original Air Date – 09/10/2007 

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Bill arrives at Hank's asking for a favor – will Hank speak at Mia's creative writing class? Hank relents, but not without taking something in exchange. Hank wins over the sexy students at Mia's all-girl school and also learns some surprising things about her teacher. Plus, Becca's pre-teen crush on her guitar teacher ends in her first heartbreak. 

Directed By : Bart Freundlich
Written By : Susan McMartin

Episode 6 – Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder – Original Air Date – 09/17/2007

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Hank meets sexy Surfer Girl at the market. After a night getting high while listening to vintage rock LPs and having sex with her, Hank awakens to Mia, who needs more of Hank's writing to pass off in her class. 

Directed By : Ken Whittingham
Written By : Tom Kapinos & Eric Weinberg

Episode 7 – Girls Interrupted – Original Air Date – 09/24/2007

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Hank attempts to disprove Becca’s theory about the non-existence of happy endings by landing Karen a job and setting up an intimate dinner for the three of them. Charlie and Marcy decide to give a threesome a try with Charlie’s assistant, Dani. Mia finds herself in a compromising situation with her teacher.

Directed By : Tucker Gates
Written By : Gina Fattore

Episode 8 – California Son – Original Air Date – 10/01/2007

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Hank falls into a spiral of despair when his father, Al, dies. Holing up with a hooker named Trixie to numb his pain Hank recalls his estranged relationship with his father.  In a series of flashbacks, we see Al's last visit with Hank.

Directed By :Scott Winant
Written By :Tom Kapinos 

Episode 9 – Filthy Lucre– Original Air Date – 10/08/2007

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Hank returns from his father's funeral having written a new manuscript that he wants Karen to read. Charlie presents Hank with a production bonus check.  Bill and Karen have last minute wedding jitters. Charlie tries to patch things up with Marcy after their threesome debacle with Dani. 

Directed By :Scott Burns
Written By :Ildy Modrovich 

David Duchovny Californication Photo 

Episode 10 – The Devil's Threesome – Original Air Date – 10/15/2007

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Newly minted roommates Hank and Charlie meet a girl at the gym who knows Hank from a past incident and when Hank can’t quite remember her, she beats him up in the ring. Each reeling from relationship woes, Karen and Marcy decide to have a girl’s night out. Back at UTK, Dani meets with Mia regarding a novel she has written. Karen and Marcy decide to pay Hank and Charlie a surprise visit, but get more than they bargained for when they walk in on them and the girl from the boxing gym. 

Directed By :John Dahl
Written By :Tom Kapinos 

Californication Season 1 Episode Guide 

Episode 11 – Turn The Page – Original Air Date – 10/22/2007

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As Karen is fitted for her wedding dress, Becca drops the news that she wants to live with Hank. Dani informs Charlie that she wants Mia’s book fast-tracked or else. Hank discovers through Charlie that it’s his work Mia’s been peddling. Furious, he tries to stop her, but she threatens to reveal their one night stand. Charlie finds out from Hank about Mia. Becca moves in with Hank and Karen stops by later that night, feeling that maybe this is where she belongs.

Directed By :David Von Ancken
Written By :Gina Fattore & Eric Weinberg 

Californication Season 1 Episode Guide 

Episode 12 – The Last Waltz – Original Air Date – 10/29/2007

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Hank struggles with the onrushing reality of Karen’s wedding to Bill. Becca receives an unexpected visitor prompting some vintage Hank Moody problem solving. Bill, meanwhile, breaks it to Mia that he has no intention of allowing her book to be published.

Directed By :David Von Ancken
Written By :Gina Fattore & Eric Weinberg